Friday, November 13, 2009

We Interrupt This Blog...

New and Improved: Movin' On Bonus Valu-Pak!

We interrupt this blog to bring you a bonus illustration, generously suggested by FCW (that's a Fart in the Cosmic Wind for those of you who haven't caught a whiff of his blog before) who sent me a link to a (White) Spot of nostalgia that beautifully illustrates the drive-in I mentioned in the post below (see: "Movin' On").

White Spot No1, Granville Street - 1958
20"H x 32"W; Limited Edition Giclee ; Price:$700
Artist:  Brian Croft

The folks here at Décolleté (well, me) have also thoughtfully provided a video of the tune "Beep beep!" where you can view some pretty sweet little Nash Ramblers and join in the singing with Margaret over at Margaret Panpipes, who knows all the words to the chorus.

Happy Days, indeed.  At least for a kid like me who enjoyed riding around in the back seat of her parents' car, going to the drive-in restaurant for supper, and listening to goofy pop songs on the radio. 

I hope my little self-indulgent trip down Memory Lane will not make too many of you younger folk out there, such as my dear blog pal the  Sagittarian, or my adoptive baby brother  Owen,  feel that their childhoods were deprived in any way!

And here's a family photo, taken round about this time.  I'm sitting on my grandmother's lap (note my poodle skirt! My saddle shoes, alas, had already worn out), my great-grandfather sits behind us, my dad sits in the centre of the picture (note his cool jacket with the leather sleeves), my mother (note the bright red lipstick and long hair pulled back in a braid) holds my relatively new baby sister on her lap, while my great-grandmother sports a jaunty neckerchief.  My grandfather is behind the camera.


  1. oh what a joyous childhood you had! The cellar ain't big enough for me now....

  2. Yeah, nobody takes pictures when the crowd gets ugly, though!

  3. Don't we all have stacks of these slowly fading into oblivion Kodaks in our closets? They look the same the world over.