Saturday, November 28, 2009

The Québec Trail

A little over a week ago, we hit the highway to Québec.  Our traditional first stop is the Irving Big Stop (recently renamed the Blue Canoe but still the Big Stop to the locals).  Irving is a gas station/convenience store/sometimes restaurant/sometimes truck stop--the Big Stop variety being the epitome of all the aforementioned incarnations.  We were very pleased to meet up with these classic Canadian voyageurs stopping by on their portage.  Being true Canadians, they were very nice and posed for this photo.  I was so pleased to catch the Canada Geese flying over the scene as well. 

Inside the store you can buy all the latest designer hunting outfits as 'tis the season-- for shooting moose, that is.  If you have a license.  I hope our friend in the canoe we saw outside escapes unscathed.  I don't think it would be very sportsmanlike to shoot a moose that's wearing a Santa hat.  Kind of an easy target.  And still on the easy target topic, I don't know about you, but personally I'd opt for the bright orange get-up if I was going to go roaming around in the woods with a bunch of guys toting shotguns.  I may not be the only one to think this way as there seems to be a preponderance of camo duds and only a few of the obvious "I am not a bush or a moose so don't shoot!" variety left on the rack..

Our tour guide for the trip will be none other than Captain Canada himself! 

(Note the parking area for moose in the background.  A clever ploy by local hunters to lure the unsuspecting creatures into their trap!)


  1. Oh dear, I think it's my turn to giggle a bit before galumphing off to bed... it's late here ! Will come back later to leave something a little more, errr, a little less obviously brain-dead...

    You must have seen the book on sale in that Sarah Palin inspired hunting outfit place... "Antlers in a Tree" by Whogoosed Amoose...

    PS WV is "spityla", as in, I'm so tired and out of it that he spityla is dribbling down my chin onto the desktop...

  2. Ah, BrOwen, I see you have left scat for me to follow. I shall carefully scoop it up with that spityla you left lying on the trail.

  3. Another interesting entry to read, while sitting here in 'old Athens' where moose do need batteries and sing strange songs - however loved to death by my small son - and it makes us smile as well, when he uses them during summer months, listening to Jingle Bells.
    A wonderful First Advent for you.

  4. Oh, I get it -- when a moose wanders into the parking lot, the water tower
    tips and drowns him.

  5. Ah, Robert, so bizarre to think of a moose playing jingle bells in Athens! Well, I guess it would be strange for a moose to be playing jingle bells anywhere. My grandparents once gave my daughter a battery-operated little Santa Claus that walked around saying "Ho ho ho!" She was absolutely terrified of it and we had to give it away. I never told my grandparents, though.

    So Advent begins now? Where is my chocolate for the day?

    Have a happy ending to your weekend!

  6. Shirl! You must be a misplaced New Brunswicker! It didn't occur to me that the plan was to drown the moose! Brilliant. Maybe you should consider moving east?

  7. If thats the size of a moose, I'd hate to see the cat!

  8. Saj, Did you know that the plural of moose is not meece?