Saturday, November 28, 2009


Here's a little nod to those folks out there who are celebrating Thanksgiving this weekend. 
(hello Nashville!--you know who you are)

Rescuing the public yet again from an aggressive swan, Larry the zoo-keeper begins to plan his Thanksgiving dinner menu.
Time for somebody's swan song.


And speaking of swans...

Here's a window that caught my attention while I was swanning around Montreal last week.  But I've gotten ahead of myself here...see the post below to start our trip to La Belle Province.


  1. I take it you're referring to the noises made during supper and not the sound made by long-necked poultry which I believe are heard to sound a trumpet-like version of Taps just prior to the falling of the axe. ("Taps" the famous musical piece, sounded by the U.S. military during flag ceremonies and funerals, generally on bugle or trumpet.)

  2. I've heard of silly geese, but this is ridic.

  3. Yup. His goose is cooked.

  4. Montreal is very funny
    I love that swan :-)

    Have a relaxing weekend !!

  5. Hi Anya,
    The swan, plus a few others, were in the windows of the high fashion Holt Renfrew store. They really grabl one's attention. TAkes a minute or two to figure them out, but eventually one clues in to the "Swan Lake" theme. I guess they figured "The Nutcracker" has been overdone.

    I hope you're spending a purrfectly content weekend with Kareltje and your family!

  6. But how many swans, and how many mannequins had to be beheaded to piece these together ??? The swan doesn't look too happy about his new station in life, probably wishing she was at the Ritz, votre adresse pour la vie !

    Well spotted, you knew there are some window reflection lovers in the audience...

  7. But BrOwen, you li'l ole window reflection lover you, did you notice that the printing in the window has been reversed?! There was a mirror behing the swan so the type came out backwards but I wanted the message to be easily read. Which you did. Yes, indeed, "the Ritz, your address for life!" Not such a bad life sentence, perhaps?