Wednesday, October 7, 2009


I've seen a few things this week that have tickled my fancy in one way or another.

Eight different flavours of BC Cider. That's 7% alcohol per bottle, by the way! I'm working on peach these days. This isn't fruit juice, people! But I'm positive they're good for one's health.

A funny face from Nepal grinning at me from an outdoor display of hats on the perennially cool 4th Ave. For some reason, my mother was absolutely affronted by this wooly wonder so I refrained from buying him and wearing him home. But if I knit my own version...hmmm...

Isn't this the most adorable little mini-van! Don't you just love its visor? I think I could keep it in a bread box instead of a garage.

And then there was this little sweetheart who was out doing her shopping at the pharmacy today. She has a visor, too, and is apparently quite used to having her picture taken. The canine cutie rides around in her servant's walker.
I wonder what other delights might be in store for me in the weeks to come. I'll be sure to let you know!


  1. The doggie looks very cute
    he/she has a hat on :))))
    Its a really sweetheart ...

  2. Hi Anya, I wouldn't be surprised if this pooch has a hat for every season and type of weather!

  3. Seems like a canine sort of Paris Hilton, but have to admit, she is

  4. Oh you had me hooked at the cider photos!! I am going to try a Pear cider tonight, and I guess you've seen the card with a woman getting somethingf rom the oven, adoring husband looking on, and the caption reads "Janice didn't like mash but she was fond of a sausage in cider"....
    Cute dog too but really, it's kind of cruel to dress 'em up n'est pa?

  5. Hi Lynne! I would have to try the pomegranate next--just a little tart with a bit of sweetness. But peach has that characteristic, too. Is it like Schnappes? I wonder if the apple tastes like our hard cider? hmmm, good find!
    The ittle car is adorable! looks like it should be driving around Europe... Nice shoppping day! xxox

  6. Oh and I love that hat! Very much.

  7. Hi Shirl, Yes the pooch has 'tude! A real little bitch, I'd say! har har!

  8. Hi Saj, I must admit, I did have you in mind when I took that photo of the shelves of ciders! I've had British pear cider but didn't enjoy it as much as the BC (my home province) brand. I just introduced my mum to it tonight and I do believe she's hooked. I got her into a glass of wine with supper in past visits. Daughterly duties, you know. (what'll our kids introduce us to when we already have all the vices?!)

    I think that car must be European as it has a right hand drive.

    Yay! you like the hat! We could each have one!

  9. Hi Margaret, Lovely new photo you have! Did you change your look for Bruce? ;-)

    I haven't tried the pomegranate cider as yet. I love your description of what it must taste like so will have to give it a go before I leave. Actually, your description of it sounds like it could be applied to the Sagittarian! I must tell her! She'll get a laugh out of that.

    The ciders, though potent, are mild in taste and nicely dry. Far to easy to drink!

    I saw another wee van in the Cove today but it didn't have that vintage look like the other. They're right-hand drive, so must be European issues.
    ciao ciao!

  10. Saj, I was just remarking to Margaret that her description of the pomegranate cider as being "just a little tart with a bit of sweetness" could as easily be applied to you! hahaha!

    I was actually not familiar with the "sausage in cider" joke. In fact, I didn't even catch on until I typed that here! (so naive)

    What will my mother think of these goings on. At least we haven't said "butt hole!"

  11. PS. Saj--I just reread my first comment to you and I didnt' actually mean that I "got my mother into a glass of wine". It would have to be cask-size to accomplish that feat!

  12. Louciao, you're so funny! I really do like you but not in a stalkerish way, so don't worry! I did have a chuckle when i read Margaret's comment too, and thanks for the reference! Bruce will now like me better than her. And that stick Patty.
    Hopefully your mum will realise it's not being the bad influence...if not, there's a huge glass of wine waiting for her!

  13. Saj, I think my mother will forgive us both our shenanigans. After all, she suggested that she and I go see "Whip It" (the rockin' roller derby movie by Drew Barrymore) today, which would seem to indicate a surprising degree of open-minded youthfulness in an 80 year old woman.

    BTW--I really like you, too, sweetart!

  14. Woof ! (that's just to say "Kilroy, errrr, Owen was here"... Veni, Vidi, Vicom, Vidrink : I came, I saw, I commented, I went to get a drink to toast your poodle and fun hat and cider and all...

  15. Owen, I'm chuffed you took the time to stop by and propose a toast!

    So sorry to hear about your recent attack-ack-ack at work. Saj and I will have to redouble our efforts to have fun and drink on your behalf, as well as our own.

  16. Yes indeed, re-double, or even re-tripple, or should that be, re-tipple those efforts to have fun ??? But I'm never far away, just call, and I'll be there... sheets to the wind or not...

    WV is "dastop", like, "ya ga-dastop tippling all da time"

  17. It's a tough job, Owen, re-tippling our efforts, but I believe the Saj and I are up to it, for your sake. After all, what are friends for?