Monday, October 5, 2009

Deep Cove Stone Heads

One of the things I enjoy doing on my visits "home" is to go to Deep Cove, about a half hour's walk away at a good pace. Today I walked there with my sister and our mother, so it was a much more leisurely stroll.

One of the rewards of the walk is the beautiful view of the marina, mountains and cove. (do click for a better view)

A water taxi collects people at this wharf to take them to their homes further up Indian Arm -- about as far as the elbow, I guess. (click to enlarge)

Other rewards are some amazing chocolate glazed donuts and good strong coffee which we greedily and happily consumed while sitting on a park bench, gazing at these stone heads in front of the Deep Cove Cultural Centre. The art gallery was closed today, which means I'll have an excellent reason to if I needed one!


  1. Oh, WV = in "I want the"...
    Loved this post, that place looks idyllic to the max. I have also been known to enjoy a good strong coffee you know!(And just for the taste not for any possible medicinal benefits thereof...)

  2. Oh deary me, this near simultaneous commenting around is going to have to stop, my wife is going to start suspecting something is going on, when it's all just purely innocent hanging out, virtual drinking, virtual coffee... very dangerous pictures you've posted there ms. Louciao, they are serious enticement for someone to pack the backpack, stuff the sleeping bag, toss in some freeze dried snacks, a big canteen, and head for them thar pine covered hills... yes indeedy, entrapment of the third degree...

    PS WV is "rarges", as in, he quietly rarges while wishing he could pack a bag and head out west again...

  3. Saj, I am revelling in getting the sunbac, while it lasts; sporting a short denim skirt and bare legs, even if covered with goose-bumps (do you have that expression in NZ? In Quebec they call it "chicken skin"...when your skin gets bumpies from the cold?)

    Deep Cove is a gorgeous sight. Too bad I can't afford to live here. There's a pub up the street from the Cove but I don't have anyone to go there with. :-( Nevermind, my mum is keeping the ciders and wine flowing at home!

    Owen ol'pal o'mine--I have yet one more enticement to wave in front of your virtual nose: I have already seen a raccoon since my arrival! Truth to tell, it was being fed by tourists in Stanley Park as I sped by in a car, and it was out in the bright daylight hours so possibly rabid. I know it's not quite like having a raccoon tearing open your freeze-dried trail mix from your backpack but still and all, it was a raccoon and you're seriously deprived of said furry bandits where you are...Such a tease, I know. It must be Saj's influence!

  4. Oh yes we have that expression, we have few others too but I'll keep it seemly incase your mum is watching! ;-)

  5. Hi Lynne! I love the Pacific Northwest! I like to imagine the Indians who once lived there, smoking salmon and smelt, doing their incredible weavig and canoe making, respecting their totems. The Deep Cove images are magnificent; how amazing the steps and platform at the lake's side. Those heads look almost as though they were meant for sitting! You must be so happy to be be with your Mom and sister; it's such a close, warm feeling. Enjoy! xxox

  6. Thanks for being polite in front of my mother, Saj. I shocked her the other day by saying "butt hole". I told her she'd misheard me and I was only referring to the little slits down the front of my cardigan.

  7. Hi Margaret, I agree with you about the wonderful native art and history out here. There has been a real resurgence/renaissance in the past 20 years or so of native pride and expression through their arts and crafts.

    The body of water you see with the marina is not a lake, it is a cove in an inlet off the Pacific Ocean.

    I don't think it would go over too well if anyone sat on the flat heads! Perhaps that's why they were made in a little fountain/pond.

    You're right about having some sister and mother time. A very rare event, regretfully, so even more precious when it occurs.
    Ciao! xo

  8. oh how lucky you are...

  9. Yes, in many ways. At least right now. I know, and I'm grateful.