Friday, October 9, 2009

You Can Go Cove Again

I took another walk to the Cove. Today the little shops and eateries were open, as this honey of a hound is pointing out. "Honey Goodies" is the purveyor of those amazing donuts I mentioned the other day.

Equally tempting are the sweet cold confections being enthusiastically advertised by Gelato Boy. It was a bit too close to supper time to indulge in such a treat, which means I'll have to return. I want the size he has!

Less tempting was the invitation to drink bubble tea. Have you ever tried it? My sister raved about it and treated me to a very large one on a previous visit. They come in an amazing (or appalling?) range of flavours and aren't anything like tea. They're cold and sweet and filled with something disturbingly like tapioca. And it's not're sipping away and then suddenly a quantity of small, round, rubbery lumps swim into your mouth. Too weird!

I prefer real tea, and if it could be served in a remarkable Ping Kwong Wong teapot, such as any of those I saw exhibited at the local art gallery, it would be nothing short of delightful. As was my latest jaunt to the Cove.

(do click on any of the scenes to "embiggen" them, as my pal,
The Sagittarian, would say)


  1. I hope the icecream was yummie.....
    Lovely friendly shots
    and sweet words :)

  2. Hi Anya,
    I love gelato! It is one of the sweetest words in the world!

  3. Hi Lynne! I did embiggen the teapots and was wondering if those cactus ones were for sale? Really cool!
    Oh, I really was talking about Saj when I called the pomegranate cider a little tart with a bit of sweetness! ;-) btw, have you seen her devastatingly killer rabbits!!! You two are a "pear!"
    Thanks for commenting on my new profile photo: everyone seems to like it better than what I think of as my glamour shot! Oh, Bruce finally figured out that nobody wanted Patti on stage during his shows!
    I love how pristine and quaint everything looks at the Cove.
    Keep on keepin' on! xxox

  4. Hi Margaret, I see from your comment that you are definitely getting to know the Saj! I have never been tempted to own a bunny, and am even less so now.

    Things look quaint in the Cove these days but in the summer it is overflowing with people and can get rather rowdy. There's a beach where people like to go swimming, in spite of the very cold water. When I lived here many moons ago, the Cove was a bit of a hinterland. No buses came out here and it seemed so far away from everything. Things sure have changed...this time for the better. Although it is now impossible for me to afford living here. sigh.

    The pufferfish teapots were indeed for sale--for around $200. A bit "steep" for me (pardon the pun). I saw some by another artisan in another shop today for about half that price, though. They look a bit dangerous. I can just see the headlines "Tea granny injured while pouring beverage!"

  5. Bubble tea sounds gross, like you I prefer real tea. My favourite this week is Moroccan Mint, green tea with mint leaves - its very refreshing and does wonders for hangovers!

  6. Hi Saj, I love mint tea. We have a big patch of it in the wild expanse known as our "yard" back east. I find it's great for aiding digestion. Not being prone to hangovers (well, okay, maybe occasionally), I haven't yet tried it as a cure but I'll certainly take your word for it--and pass the information on to my daughter!

    Trust me, Saj--stay away from bubble tea! Those things aren't bubbles. At best, they're tapioca; at worst, maybe fish eyes!