Tuesday, September 29, 2009

On A Roll

Let's go explore another little New Brunswick town...

All aboard for Sussex! Here we are at the train station.

Sussexians like to paint their buildings with colourful murals.

Mural gazing at itself in a puddle.

Leafy trees contemplating crystals and prayer flags.

An inviting café but I have it on good authority that there is free food to be had elsewhere.

It's true! This gallery is serving up cheese, pizza squares, sweets & beverages. Wearing clothing to match the walls is optional.

There is art as well. It's delectable but not edible.

If you've seen and eaten enough now, it's really time to be heading out.

Why don't you let me give you a ride home in Bette la Bête. Cocktails are being served in the rear.


  1. Fantastic...and I saw you in the shop window...

  2. Well you do have good eyes, Saj! And the rest of you aint bad, either.

    My wv: "orounde" as in "Oy, let's 'ave orounde o'er 'ere fer me an' me mates!"

  3. Oh ok, twist my arm again why don't you...I am sure the sun is up over the yard arm somewhere in the world...make it a large one eh?

  4. Hi Saj, I'm just back from my last walk around the back streets of my village while the leaves are still on the trees. When I return on Nov.3, the branches will be bare. I am having a glass of beer to commemorate this moment, and to give me the strength to go on packing. Cheers!

  5. makes one glad to see and read about your happyness. all the very best for you.

  6. Welcome aboard, Robert! Glad you arrived in time to join in the fun. I'm about to head to Vancouver tomorrow.

    I have noted your new coordinates. See you there!

  7. Hey, wait for me, Lynne! I hear Vancouver is the site of the Great Cattle Stampede! Cool! Although it must be hard to leave this town with its magical trees, murals, artwork in restaurants, lime-walled galleries! Fun! xxox

  8. Hi Margaret,
    Truth to tell, it wasn't at all hard to leave! Aside from packing, that is.

    What, pray tell, is the Great Cattle Stampede? Nothing to do with the Calgary Stampede, which is a whole other province away. (?)

    Unless you're referring to the upcoming Olympic Winter Games?