Monday, September 28, 2009


Here we are in Shediac. This is an interesting vehicle. Let's borrow it and take a little tour of the town. Maybe we could move here...

Here's a little fixer-upper. What do you think? A coat of paint, some new windows, flower boxes, and a big bin to throw out the junk. Yeah, I see a fine little art & craft gallery happening here.

Or what about this place? Livin' high! No worries about the basement flooding. But watch the first stair--it's a pip!

Ooh! This is sweet! A cottage to cozy up in. And what's that hiding in the back yard?...

Great potential for an utterly charming studio/shop!

Let's make an offer.


  1. Oh wonderful ol' cottages, and yes that hidden one would be perfect to create in! You could hide a still and revert to sly groggin'...
    Very pretty town, are you on a holiday?

  2. Saj, my life is a holiday! (The concept is a bit of a moot point when one is unemployed.)

    Pierre and I took a little drive out to Shediac (about 45 mins from here, on the coast) on Sunday, specifically to take in the hooking exhibit. I lured Pierre there with the promise of BBQ.

    When we drive around places I like to try on the idea of moving there. If we moved to Shediac, I could take up hooking again, which would give me a bit of a social life. Though it could cut down on drinking time, which is a detriment.

    Actually, even though I can't technically go on holiday, I'm leaving this Thursday for a month in Vancouver. Going to stay with me mum. But more on that later!

    Is it Tuesday where you are. Are we about to tipple? Must go see...

  3. Lynne ?! Lynne !!! What on earth is all this talk about hooking in order to have a social life ???? You know, customers of hooking people are not necessarily looking for a social connection... Or wait... do you mean something arcane like "rug hooking" ? Oofff, you had me worried there for a minute. And I think it must be raccoons hiding in the yard there... I'm sure of it, there must be a bevy of them... In any case, Shediac seems to be aptly named, there is no shortage of sheds there...

    PS That mobile home thingy leering out of the first photo looks positively grumpy, I'd hate to see that in my rear view mirror... but it probably has a nice bar area in it...

  4. Owen, glad you made it over, by hook or by crook.

    As for the ancient craft of hooking, lord love a duck!--a gal's gotta do what a gal's gotta do.

    Glad you didn't catch sight of the Saj and I following you in the van (Saj was in the back mixing up the tipple while I was at the wheel). It would have, indeed, been a Rued awakening for you to espy our vehistill in your rear view.

    And speaking of'd better put a paper bag over your head if you watch the Muddling video over at Canterbury Tales!

  5. What an interesting way to spend a night,as it is alreay twenty to three over here - with regard to the homes, would like to move into the last one.
    All the very best for your Tuesday.

  6. So happy if I'm keeping you company on a late night in Greece, Robert!

    I'm very fond of the last little house myself. If it was for sale, I would be very very tempted to buy it! Perhaps a good thing it's not.

    I hope the week will be good to you.

  7. I wish you are wonderful
    vacation !!!


  8. HI Lynne! I like the one that's ready to go at a moment's notice! Just hook it up to a trailer and off we go! LOVE xxox