Friday, July 31, 2009

Beachy Keen

I know this sentiment is not original and, in fact, The Saggitarian over at More Canterbury Tales used it the other day as the title of her blog, but I swear I'd already Photoshopped this little postcard together before I saw her posting. As she pointed out in my comment box, "great minds think alike" and our mutual brilliance is well-attested, at least in our own minds.

"C" is here on a visit and the sun is shining for once this summer, so it's off to the beach!

We find a nice place to plunk ourselves down behind the dune.

Nothing to do but admire the view.

[Gentle Viewers, here's your chance to compare and contrast and decide which you prefer, moody black and white or bubblegum technicolour with Dolby surround-sound. The beach pictures here, with the boat (above) and the dogs (below) have black and white versions in an earlier post (see July 29). Shall we take a vote? Of course, it would help if I actually took good pictures but try to overlook that little detail! For a more informed debate over the b&w vs. colour dilemma, see today's posting at The Magic Lantern Show].

Here's the colour version of Fifi and Florence's arrival at the beach.

The sun is beginning to set, the temperature cooling, and our tummies beginning to grumble for some real food, so it's time to pack up and head out. Some more good photo ops on the way, though, so don't bail on me yet...


  1. Anonymous31 July, 2009

    I think the texture of the sand calls for black and white...I like those the most! Beachy keen jelly bean! :)

  2. I prefer Fifi and Florence in B & W. It evokes a feeling of longing not present in the colour photo. Drawn in I feel sand between my toes, hear the waves nudging the shore and breathe in the salt air.

  3. Anonymous31 July, 2009

    I read somewhere that dogs only see things in black and white, therefore, I prefer colour.

  4. Love the thought about 'life being a beach' very much. About colour or not, can't really decide - both are great to see.
    It will be this month that finally there's enought time to take the kid to the beach (first time in his life).Please have a nice weekend.

  5. I love your photoshopped card! The font for "Life's a Beach" is really perfect. I personally like the color shots. Sometimes for mood, b/w works. Here, I like the layers of blue: sky, skyline, and ocean. Clams, oysters, and lobster sound very tempting! LOVE xxox

  6. Nice to see you all at the beach! Two votes for b & w, two for colour, and one ambivalent, so I guess it's true that one can't please all of the people all of the time? Variety is the spice of life, after all, and sometimes one wants red pepper and other times black. As long as it's spicy!

  7. No question of not getting spicy when we drop in here !!! LOL ! Hmm, I think I'll sit on the fence and say: I like both B&W and color... So are you drinking Coronas at the beach these days ??? The very first beer I ever drank was a can of hot Budweiser that my brothers and I found in the sand on a Brigantine Island beach near Atlantic City. We drank it, but it was disgusting. We couldn't understand what all the fuss was about. It wasn't until I was much older that I figured out they are better when cold ! LOL ! And thanks a ton for the nod here... :-)

  8. Black and white for me (photos that is).

  9. Okay, so one more fence sitter (I hope it's not a picket one), and one more vote for B&W. In the spirit of equality for all, I will cast my vote in with the coloured folk just to make it an all round tie! (although I'm more of a fence sitter, to tell the truth). I do think that b&w is less forgiving, though.

  10. Owen, there was not just Corona on hand from our handy little cooler bag that day but the latest Select Beer from New Brunswick, and Holstein beer (not to be confused with cows' milk), in both maibeck and festbeck varieties, from Germany. I tried the festbeck, which is dark, and tasted disturbingly like licorice.

    Did you ever, in your youth, take a sip out of a beer can that you'd mistaken for your own at a party and get a mouthful of cigarette ash? Not that it ever happened to me...or the Saggitarian, I'm sure...but I've, um, seen it in movies.

    Isn't it odd that hot mulled wine or cider is enjoyable, but not beer.