Saturday, August 1, 2009

Song Saturday

We're en route down Highway 114 to another concert at Harvey Hall. The Peticodiac River is in the distance, rushing in from the Atlantic, with some of the highest tides in the world. This is the Bay of Fundy.

The fog hangs low over the fields by the Fundy shores.

This is the place! (with some special FX just for fun): Harvey Community Hall, built in 1884.

One of the biggest pleasures of attending concerts at Harvey Hall is the homebaking on sale. True to tradition, I went for the biggest brownie I could find. I think I may scale back a bit in future, though.

(l-r)Jim Blewitt (genuine hippy), Matt Anderson (bluesman), Tim Isaac (potter-cum-cellist)

Isaac & Blewitt are the local musicians/back-to-the-landers who host the gigs at Harvey Hall. They're hot to jam with other cats (as Blewitt calls everyone) passing through the area on their way to play in bigger venues. Tonight's guest star was the powerhouse blues singer/guitarist from Nova Scotia, Matt Anderson. The audience ate up the show with as much gusto as I consumed my extreme brownie!

Here's a taste of what we experienced:


  1. I love the blues! He has a great voice! You know in 2002 I went to Hopewell to visit the Rocks and I kayaked at high tide, the Bay of Funday is a magnificent place! Thanks for evoking those memories!

  2. Hi Rain, I might have actually been working at the Rocks in 2002. Maybe our paths crossed...but certainly not in a kayak. I was up at the interpretive centre, telling people where to go in both official languages! ;-)

  3. OMG how cool???? I totally bet we crossed paths!!! That time I went alone, I'd been there a few times when I lived "by the bore" in Riverview, but it was nice to spend time alone there. I plan on going back maybe next summer!

  4. Hi Lynne ! Now that is cruel and unusual punishment !!! What a brownie !!! Am gonna have some sweet chocolate dreams tonight with pictures of giant brownies dancing in my head, dancing to that big blues sound... wow, people used to say about Jerry Garcia : The fat man rocks ! But even more applicable to this gentleman...

    Fundy must be something when the moon is full...

    Will get to your posts below, I had an incredible end of the week, between work, crazy as usual, but then a family of friends who were leaving to Malaysia for a three year posting there missed their flight on Thursday, so we have 7 unexpected visitors to lodge and feed, six kids from 7 to 18 and their mom... quite a lively household suddenly, kept me away from the blogs...

    Don't Panic ! :-D

  5. Hey Rain, The Tidal Bore aint what she used to be. When you lived here was it already referred to as the Total Bore? You really have to know what you're looking for to spot it. Oh, you mean that little ripple there? Still, an incredibly beautiful area, and the height of the tides is impressive--just don't try to catch the wave.

  6. LOL Oh gosh yes, the total bore, ha ha ha! I lived there, I think it was 1981 and 1982, so yikes it's been a while, and it's still the total bore huh? But yeah, I got a thrill when I saw the ripple, lol!

  7. Hey, Owen: I think it's more you who needs to bear in mind "Don't panic!" I hope you have your own towel handy at all times. I guess it would be a hand towel, in that case. Sounds like fun, if harried times chez vous.

  8. That guy knows how to sing! Has he also a liking for scallops and clams then? I ADORE scallops!

  9. I think the guy has a liking for just about anything edible.

    Scallops are, indeed, one of the culinary pleasures of living in the maritimes. We have them with linguini fairly often.

    Glad you like the moozik (oh, that wasn't nice).

  10. Am so glad to be able and allowed to get a look at 'life' at the other side of the Atlantic.
    Liked the music as well.
    Played once a guitar on my own, but due to a loooong story made it a gift to a kindergarten and haven't played since.
    Luckily there's 'Song Saturday'.
    Please have a nice start into the new week.

  11. Oh my God! Matt was fabulous! I really liked the song and could he carry it! Thanks for the windows-on-the-world drive, too, Lynne! Seemed like the green fields of Ireland: green for miles and miles. LOVE xxox

  12. Wish I could have been there ~