Friday, July 31, 2009

One of the pleasures of this beach is its diner on the pier. We usually have an annual "feed" of fried clams and scallops, served up with an overabundance of soggy fries and a hint of coleslaw on the side, all washed down with a cold beer. Tonight we refrained, though were tempted by this large gentleman's plate of lobsters.

Even bikers dig the beach...or greasy fried seafood.

A fingernail moon pokes through the sky.

Dusk is settling in. Time for us to hit the highway for the long drive home, spurred on by the promise of spaghetti with a quick homemade marinara sauce (in keeping with the marine theme), and a well chilled bottle of white. I don't foresee there being any leftovers.


  1. Thank you for pointing out the new moon! I would have missed it. And I love how you called it a "fingernail" moon. Very poetic. Bon appetit!

  2. Hi Margaret, I have to think up inventive descriptions to describe the moon because I am incapable of recognizing or naming any but the full one!

  3. Lynne, you are clearly having absolutely too much fun these days !!! And no leftover wine or spaghetti ! Jeez, what kind of hospitality is that ??? Guess I'll just have to bring my own bottle ! There used to be parties announced as BYOB around here, I'd forgotten that acronyme... until you just reminded me of it... Must be nice to head out in one of these boats.

  4. Party? Did someone say Party? Where? Now? I'm on my the boats!

  5. Ah yes, Owen, BYOB. And keep an eye on it so no one else gets their sticky little hands on it. Nah--we share around here but I do have trouble keeping up with Pierre and Cléa. I have a feeling I might have trouble keeping up with the Saj as well!

    P. once spent a summer as a fisherman on a boat like these. His "captain" was a marine biologist who had never fished in his life but had lots of theory, and Pierre was a radio announcer who had an urge to go to fishing. It's amazing they lived to tell the story. I went out on the water with them one night and it was pretty magical--except for the fishing part.

    As for having too much fun, there's an old song from the Vancouver group Trooper with the refrain "We're here for a good time, not a long time". I'm afraid my good time's not long either as C heads back to Montreal today. But not before we head back to the beach for some more sun, fun, and fried seafood. Yay!

  6. Hey Saj, I think we could rent one of these fishing boats and have our own bloggers' & friends party! There's a nice big built-in ice hatch where we could keep the liquor. We can stock up on fresh cooked lobsters at the fish shop on the pier before heading out and Pierre can crack them all for us (as long as we keep him plied with alcohol).

    I'll start printing the nametags now! (just in case we forget who we are during the course of the excursion).

  7. Hello Lynne

    I love the line up of little boats- are these fishing boats?

    Happy days

  8. Maybe add a return address to those name tags....