Monday, June 15, 2009

The story of the Anglican Church here is that it was constructed by a boat-builder in much the same manner as a sailing ship would be made. It has a Scandinavian look to it, don't you think?

This is a Baptist cemetery. Most of the headstones are dated from the early 1800's. I like how each has its own personality and attitude. Some even seem to have a head and shoulders.

Lupins grow wild in the ditches here. June is a wonderful month for wildflowers. And for humans, too, because of that. Unless you have allergies.

The red green and white, the horizontal and vertical lines, the weatherbeaten wood and various textures all caught my eye.

This view of the farm on the hill, complete with cows (you have to look REALLY closely but they are there), situated right on the main street of the village, always tempts me to capture it in a picture. But you have to be here to get the full effect. Meanwhile, I hope this little ramble will tide you over till your next, or first, visit. Come on down! (but call first)


  1. G & T's ready! Swing is waiting. July is almost upon us. And, no, we won't have moved.

  2. A July visit sounds wonderful. With G & T's - perfection itself.

  3. 1) Scandinavian, yes... quite odd, yet soothing and beautiful.
    2) You have captured some very interesting headstones, each conveying personality, and not at all seeming sad or morbid.
    3) Love these, have some that don't grow too well where I've planted them... maybe I need to dig a ditch?
    4)Love the subtle color contrasts, and adore the weathered wood.
    5)I know what you mean about capturing such a scene... Sprawling beauty seems to defy my photography... I tried so hard to capture the grandeur of Yosemite, but it would have none of that, seeming to say "come back to appreciate me."
    Great post, louciao...

  4. Drifty: July is the perfect time for visiting! Yes indeedy.

    David: Thanks for your thoughtful comments on my humble photos. I do appreciate your appreciation!