Monday, June 15, 2009

Village Amble

This past Saturday was an absolutely gorgeous day so I took myself out on an amble around the village I live in. Here are some of the sights for those of you who are feeling a little homesick, for those of you whose visit is long overdue, for my friends and neigbours who are just too content at home to go out for a walk, and for those of you who have never been here before and will probably never make it out this way. (click on the house for a little theme music)

Several varieties of irises (or flags) are blooming these days. I particularly liked this two-toned variety waving in front of the bandstand on Main Street. (flags...waving...get it?)

And then there was this other colourful show off filling up at one of the two local gas stations (the one without the liquor store).


  1. The house is beautiful, but the music rips my heart out (probably a lost or unrequited love buried safely in my subconscious, one which I'm not willing to dig back up)...
    Love the irises, flags of delight and contentment...
    Great muscle car! Liquor store in a gas station?

  2. Hi Louciao! Lovely photos! The irises are starting to bloom here too. I love that house, it has such charm!

  3. Hi David, from your comment here about your heart being ripped out, and from postings on your blog, you seem to be going through a period of deep questioning...or reassessment...A time of coming to terms with what is, letting go of what was or might have been, and learning the difficult but necessary art of acceptance. Perhaps self-acceptance over and above all.

    I love that you've labelled the red car a "muscle car." Great term.

    We don't question the liquor store garage; we just give thanks it's open on Sundays.

    Hi Rain, We share the same general sort of geography, don't we, living in neighbouring provinces. I saw somewhere on your blog that you once lived in St-Adolphe d'Howard--well, so did we! Right across the road from the village's main lake. Used to x-country ski on it in the winter. I guess this is a bit of an aside from talking of yellow irises and houses! Thanks for your visit.

  4. Hi MadLynne! Oh that's so cool that you lived up in St-Adolphe! I'm soooo jealous that you lived by that is a really gorgeous setting! That village was so cute...I used to sit in the little park with my dogs and just watch the water and the boats! I lived on Argenteuil by Lac du Coeur, a little closer to the 329 that goes to Morin Heights. It was nice there, but too many loud weekenders and the black flies nearly carried me away, lol! I also lived in Riverview for about a year and a half! I loved NB, I actually considered moving there, but PEI and the ocean is calling!

  5. Riverview! I'm just 20 minutes from there. We're like those movies where the protagonists just keep missing each other. PEI is gorgeous. I love it. It has long cold snowblown winters, though. But I guess you know all about those.

  6. It's such a small world! I went to Riverview Junior High for a year and a half, it was so funny because my French teacher's name was René Lévesque - no not him, lol! I remember sitting on the causeway with friends watching the Tidal Bore...lots of good memories from people there, I had a little crush on a boy named Bruce...

  7. Hi Lynne, I'm late getting here, was back to work yesterday and today... not enough hours in a day ! Just love your account and photos of a walk around town, looks like you had an excellent day just taking things easy, as they came. Beautiful cemetery photo there, and what lovely big old houses... submerged in character... a muscle car in cherry red... would love to see the area, hmmm, do I belong to the group of those who never will ? Hope not... so many places I want to travel to still.

  8. Anonymous17 June, 2009

    I'm one who is long overdue but I'm working on it. After Pierre's visit I should have accumulated a bunch of airmiles, so we'll see.

  9. Come visit before the snow flies! We'll supply mosquito repellent...and lobster.

  10. Anonymous18 June, 2009

    and smokes?

  11. No. But we will provide an outdoor ashtray.