Thursday, May 28, 2009

Axe to Grind

I found the perfect New York City souvenir but thought I might have some trouble getting it through the baggage check.




  2. Whoa, man. Trippy! I somehow missed most of Pink Floyd when I was growing up. Except for The Wall, of course--but don't axe me to sing it.

    BTW--there was this huge mother...or father...of a raccoon out in the tree beside the driveway last night. I looked at it, it looked at me...I closed the door. We've got to stop talking about them, Owen--I think they're getting the wrong impression from my blogs!

  3. Dear, dear Lynne Louciao,
    Once one has started thinking about raccoons, there is very little possiblility to ever extricate them from the inner workings of one's mind... like the squirrels and slugs of some other blogs I've been following, it is amazing how some thoughts recur.

    But personally, I love the idea of those ring-tailed bandits with eye masks out prowling the night of my imagination... Or maybe I'm just haunted by the ghost of that little feller I photographed belly up on a New Jersey road ??? Glad to be able to facilitate a little retrospective on Pink Floyd, they were a big part of my youthful music haze...err, days.... :-D

    Have a great weekend !!!

  4. No trouble leaving the States with these. Simply tell them that you are relieving them from the axes of evil.

  5. Spring Axequinox ~ how apropos.

  6. Fart & Drift: LOL!! You guys are too funny!! Are you somehow connected to each other? :D

  7. Just show 'em you're a lumberjack by tossing it across the room and into the opposite wall. Maybe you'll get lucky and hit the mark perfectly!
    Excellent wedding gift, by the way... I just chuckled at myself.

  8. An excellent wedding gift you say? Maybe if the bride wore plaid!