Wednesday, May 27, 2009

PEI Skies

Seagull nests.

Petrified hay bales (it's the salt air that does it).

Out standing in his field.

Cross roadless.

Church yard garden.

Blogs can be like pictorial conversations. Someone over on someone else's blog said something about PEI and this reminded me of some images I've gathered from various trips to the Island.
Just taking a little blogging breather from my fantastic voyage to the beautiful concrete jungle of NYC. Breathe along with me...big breath in...hold it, hold it... and sigh it out... aaaahhhh


  1. Interesting, I too saw something about PEI on another blog today, and I wasn't even familiar with where it is... that wouldn't be a rain blog by any chance you were visiting ? If so, hmmm, small world. And odd echo of round straw or hay bales there too, I saw something like that today too, but I can't remember where... must be getting precocious Alzheimer's ! I hope not, I'd like to do a little more travelling and photography and blogging while I can...

    Aahhhh, am breathing better now... thanks Lynne for the breather and these great church pix too... and not a raccoon in sight !

  2. Never heard of Prince Edward Island?! Don't know from Anne of Green Gables? Haven't tapped your toes to the down-home sound of Stompin'Tom Connors singing "Bud the Spud?" Haven't experienced the red dirt roads and endless beaches? Don't know about the men on horseback who wade out into the sea to gather Irish Moss and bring it back home to spread on their driveways to dry? And almost every cemetery has a fine view of the ocean with cows and a lighthouse near by. Well, put on your coonskin hat and come on down, Owen! You can even learn how to speak French with an Acadian accent. C'est promis!

  3. Oh, rihgt, THAT Prince Edward Island... ok, I'm with you now... sure, we watched Anne of Green Gables, but that was long ago, and I'd definitely forgotten where it took place... as for many Americans, our geography gets a little fuzzy north of the border... I promise I'll try to make up for that gap by studying the Atlas. Anyway, great views here... hope to see more PEI pictures to tempt me into coming to look...

  4. I had to do the breathing exercise after those cross and Chist against the clouds shots, which left me breathless. Gorgeous!

  5. Sparkle--you are too kind! Are you sure there aren't any fumes in your studio that you're inhaling that might cause shortness of breath? ;-)