Saturday, June 9, 2012

Le Dep

I'm back

from Quebec

and am in the process of getting my mind and eyes back into blogging mode.

(graffiti recently seen at a local *dépanneur* in Montreal)

*In the province of Quebec, a dépanneur is a corner grocery store, affectionately referred to as a "dep."
The verb dépanner means to help out of a difficult situation.  At least it does in French-speaking Canada.  In France it refers to fixing a breakdown of an auto or an electric device


  1. welcome back...looking forward to your posts...and images..

  2. It's so good to have you back! (And fun to learn a little Quebecois!)

  3. Welcome back to bloglandia! Hope your eyes feel rested and are in good shape. That grocery store looks worth the visit just for the artwork. I could trust a store like that! Anyway, that photo of the dreaming head is a perfect metaphor...

  4. Welcome back, Louciao. May all your difficult situations find their dépanneur.

    That graffiti face looks like its in the "deps" of despair. ;)

  5. Eyes glad to see you're back.

  6. Louciao, you're back! Yay! And what a great return post. I love street graffiti and this piece is wonderful! :)

  7. Anonymous10 June, 2012

    What a great find. And yes, earth feels to have become a bit too small for current dreams. Must be great to put them in some small capsules, sending the way up high.

    Please have a kind new week ahead.

  8. You have been missed and I am counting on you to find the places in your new locale like Finn Slough, bringing them to us with your amazing photos.

    Glad to see you again from your new place!


  9. Welcome back! ;D

    And that is some amazing graffiti!

  10. Mystic Meandering,
    You look adorable in that cheer-leading suit!

    I hope my efforts won't disappoint!

    My Quebecois is much better than my pretend Italian.

    It amuses me no end that you say you could trust a store with that image painted on it.

    The Deps of Despair...corner stores frequented by Anne of Green Gables on her down days?

    Looking forward to receiving more of your visionary comments.

    I will have to unearth some more street art for you over the next few weeks. Didn't get much this trip (though I think this pretty much makes up for it) but I do have some stashed away.

    Wow. What sad and poetic thoughts you express, tinged with hope, nevertheless. I wish humankind could dream a happier world into existence and banish the nightmare happenings.

    I haven't actually moved--just been visiting family in Quebec for the past 3 weeks. I did gather quite a few images, though, to make it look as if I'm somewhere other than where I really am.

    Jenny Woolf,
    I think the art work actually defies the parameters of graffiti--if there are any.

  11. Don't know if it's intended but to me this image looks very meditative and relaxed.

  12. Ruby,
    I find it very dreamy, though those "balls" disturb me a bit.