Thursday, May 17, 2012

Someone to Watch Over You

I'm going away for awhile.  To Quebec.  With Pierre.  To hang with the Daughter.  To visit the in-laws.  And, hopefully, to give my eyes time to rest and recover from their ongoing troubles.  My intention is to step away from the computer, which I think has been aggravating my vision.
So, no more blogging for a time.

Here's a statue that I fell in love with last time I was in Montreal. 

 I think he's just the guy to leave in charge here while I'm away.

"See" you in a few weeks.


  1. Such an Intriguing statue! Fingers and Feathers - and a broken wing? And is that a reflection in his gaping chest? Interesting symbolism that his fingers are covering his eyes...

    Enjoy your trip and visit. As always I wish for the restoration of your eyes. You will be missed!

  2. Enjoy your trip to Quebec and I hope your eyes will benefit from the rest....content to stay with this guardian angel for a while....

  3. Beautiful statue indeed. Reminds me of one of your doll with many arms. Maybe you could post her to keep company for this guy. Have a good trip. Rest your eye carefully but it's OK to use it if you drive.

  4. Anonymous17 May, 2012

    Lucky you - Vancouver and Quebec! Very nice.
    Unlucky you that those eyes are still causing a problem for you. I do hope that a break from the computer will aid in their healing and that you will soon be back with your wonderful images and your hilarious commentary. Travel safe. Avoid Montreal if at all possible - oh dear, I do hope that is NOT where you will be staying! Hopefully, they will resolve the differences soon and life will return to normal.

  5. Lynn, may your eyes get well soon... And buon viaggio to you! We'll await your return.

  6. Magnificent and intriguing.

  7. Have a wonderful and safe trip. I sure hope your eyes will be on the mend before too long.

  8. Louciao, I hope this break serves to allow your eyes to get the rest they need. We'll be waiting patiently for your return, my friend! Have a safe trip! :)

  9. Anonymous17 May, 2012

    The statue is impressive indeed.

    Healing hands, thoughts and company for you, a wonderful time as well.

  10. He looks awesome,lovely photo!The building in the background looks quite Florentine.
    Hope you have a happy,relaxing time and return with clear sight.
    All best wishes,

  11. Take care, I hope your eyes improve quickly.

  12. Anonymous19 May, 2012

    Hey! Where's the key?

  13. Regardless of blogging, will be thinking of you, wishing you good times in good places with good company...

    And who was that wise old man that said something like :

    "Early to bed, not so early to rise
    Will surely help heal those eyes..."

  14. Is this a possible accompanying bit of music ?

  15. Don't worry, I'll keep your blogcellar company while you're away. It will be safe with me...(hic) honest!

  16. See you later, and I hope you have a lovely time. Also hope the oculist can give you some help with the eyes.Aggravating to have anything like that.
    Hope the weather stays nice for you also ! Enjoy!

  17. Dear Blog Friends,
    Thank you so much for your kind wishes and warm send-off! I sneaked a peek at them while away.

    Mystic Meandering,
    The hole goes right through the statue's chest and it's the window of the building behind him that you see.

    I'm glad you felt comfortable to hang with this angel awhile. I did enjoy my trip...for the most part.

    Tee Pit,
    Thank you for keeping your eyes open while driving and letting me close mine!

    Guess what--I was, indeed, in Montreal for some of the trip! And experienced nightly demonstrations of the local pots and pans bangers. It was more of a party mood than anything else.

    viaggio was bastante buono

    I agree! A marvellous statue.

    Vision improved but still a ways to go.

    I hope the wait hasn't stretched your patience too far. Hello? hello? Are you still there?

    Wonderful company did help provide healing, as well as your warm wishes.

    The building in the b.g. was a cathedral and has been converted into an art gallery--how's that for Florentine!

    Alas, eyesight improvement is proving to be a rather long, drawn-out affair rather than a quick fix.

    The key is where it usually is.

    Well, there's not much point in replying to you because you're away.

    I hope you weren't too disappointed to find I'd finished up all the supplies before leaving. I needed fortification for the trip, after all!

    You're right about this eye thing being aggravating. But at least I could still see all the sights and take photos while away. Had lovely weather, in fact.