Friday, January 13, 2012

Things Could Be Worse

...but they could be better.

The furnace is not working.  Or the thermostats.  Little matter, both scenarios mean no heat.  Other than the blazing fire that my mother got going in the fireplace

(hooked rug made by me)

Alas, the fireplace is where most of the heat stays.
 Still, it gives a nice illusion of warmth.

How am I coping, you wonder?

By dressing appropriately for the situation:

handknit wool neckwarmer
one nightgown
one pullover
pyjama bottoms
fleece dressing gown
woollen socks
handknit  felted wool fuzzy slippers
(and a large goblet of red wine, not shown)


Low tonight: 1 Celsius
It could be worse.

Furnace man due in at 8:30 tomorrow morning. 
Hopefully he will have the right stuff.


  1. :) You look like you're ready to march into a Siberian blizzard. All I can say is that when you get your heat fixed, you'll bask in the warmth, appreciating it like never before.

  2. Last of the hot mamas?

    WV - legato: a smooth melody for a chilly day.

  3. Oh my goodness, I do hope that the furnace gets fixed soon. Not that your outfit isn't a lovely fashion statement - it is! In fact, I think that you should take that look down to Holt Renfrew and photograph your reflection in the window. Submit said photo to the local media and guaranteed, within the week, everyone in the lower mainland will be sporting your new fashion craze!

  4. DCW: You should be happy sleeping in bearskin pyjamas.

    louciao: I beg to de-fur.

  5. Oh my! I love your humor! And am so glad to finally get to "meet" you! With the cap, glasses and scarf you look like one of the Wright brothers getting ready to go flying... Of course the wine would help with that :)

    Hope life gets back to "normal" soon - or is this the "new normal" LOL

  6. jann,
    This outfit is very similar to the one I wore when I was once coerced into a camping trip (not my favourite activity) in May in eastern Canada. I think I have perfected a certain "chic" in polar wear. Once that heat's back on I'll strip down to my thermal underwear and bask in the warm glow from the radiators, as you suggest!

    Where are those hot flashes when one needs them? And to think I came west in an attempt to avoid the cold of winter. Hah!

    I love your idea! I may garner a few disbelieving looks on public transit en route to Holt's, though, as I think the style may be more a bit more on the fashion crazy side than fashion craze. But it does have a distinctly Canadian tone to it, I think. Maybe replace the cap with a toque?

    I certainly hope this isn't the new normal! Reminds me of an ad on tv these days where the tag line is "helping you to get back to normal; whatever your normal may be."
    Glad to hear you're not scared off by this self-portrait!
    Off I go, into the wild blue yonder: Hoping to be beamed up rather than climbing into a biplane!

  7. Louciao, I feel your pain, sister! Our furnace broke at the end of last year's winter and sadly it has to be replaced. Considering what the replacement cost, we're braving our first winter with only a space heater as our source of heat. On any given night, my outfit looks something similar to what you have on. Only I also wear fingerless gloves! hee hee! Thank goodness for your fire, which I don't have and want! And the hooked rug. I want the hooked rug too! :)

  8. Bella,
    I would have worn my fingerless gloves but I didn't bring them with me, though I hesitated over them when packing. Should have listened to my subconscious that was trying to tell me that I'd be needing them.
    I think we should start a fashion movement. Maybe we could call it "Not So Hot Chic"?

  9. Lucky I'm sop far away for this particular 'little sister' ribbing, but I thought you might be channeling Yoko for a moment there...

  10. Saj,
    Ha! You made me laugh. Just be thankful I didn't post an audio to go with it of me channeling Yoko's "singing."

  11. hahaha, I know - she's terrible eh? At least you'd know that when she started to sound good it was time to leave the bar! :-)

  12. Saj,
    Surely not before last call!

  13. Ack.. I'm shivering just looking at you. I sure hope that was resolved swiftly.

  14. Hilary,
    Not sure if you're shivering with empathy about the chilly situation, or shivering with fright at the sight of me!