Saturday, January 7, 2012

Light Rain

It's been raining all day here in North Vancouver.  That's what winter's about in these parts.  I'm okay with that (check back with me in a couple of weeks).  It was so wet today that instead of venturing out for a walk, I took a trip through my photos from a  recent rainy day,  just after Christmas when I was  being chauffeured around town by my sister.

Raindrops on windshields, umbrellas in mittens...(sing along now)...these are a few of my favourite things.
Here we are in Gastown: take the road to the left and you're in the touristy area; take the one to the right and you are, how shall I put a little dodgier section of town.  Although, come to think of it, if you go left, you could be in a dicey situation as well as it's one way--the WRONG way to which we're going.

So let's get out of Dodge and head uptown  where lights danced circles around the trees while raindrops bopped on our windshield.

The fountain was making a real splash!

And who says things look worse in black & white?!

Although there wasn't much sign of the moon that night...

Mother Earth was doing a fine job of shining brightly in the Universe.

As they say at the end of  Kundalini Yoga class,

"May the true light within you guide your way on." 

 Especially now that many of the Christmas lights have been taken down.


  1. "And who says things look worse in black & white?!"

    Well if you must know, it was Paul Simon. But what does he know aside from all the crap he learned in high school? ;)

    Beautiful pics, Louciao. You've captured "those nice bright colours" and despite the rain, you make me "think all the world's
    a sunny day" Oh yeah!

  2. Delightful post! LOVE your photos of the city in the rain. Made my heart smile tonight - thanks! Shine on! :)

  3. These are wonderful, louciao! I love how the drops "bop" on your windshield. And you've taught me a couple of important photography tips, too: 1) do not stay at home when it rains and 2) do not be afraid of shooting through a windshield, which can add so much character to your shots. Grazie mille and stay dry.

  4. I so love visiting "home" with you! Thank you so much for sharing these images. Unlike most, I never minded the rainy days. In fact, what could be more "Vancouver" than a grey sky and moisture dripping from the skies? I love it! Hope you are having a lot of fun despite the dampness!

  5. Last picture is incredible !

    A few hours of rain over here during the winter months. Miss snow and temperature alike much.

    Please have a kind new week ahed.

  6. Can see the driving northwest precipitation has caused some condensation in the grey matter both within and without the cranial cavity of our most esteemed entertainer here... well, if its wet, wet, and more wet outside, there is a great opening line that comes to mind in this fine rendition of an old tune that you may be familiar with, perhaps, or perhaps not, it's a little obscure...

    Well, at least you're in a town where there are surely no end of fine watering holes to duck into when the cats and dogs coming down out doors drive you towards a duck blind sort of shelter for some dry and a drink... have one for me, okey doke ? And hold the flying spaghetti !

  7. Hilary,
    I can see your writing on the wall (of my comment box). Guess I'm doing okay then, in spite of the fact that Mama took my Kodachrome away? What you say always makes my world a sunny place (in spite of the constant rain).

  8. Mystic Meandering,
    Oh the best exercise of all--having your heart smile. Glad my rainy day offerings contributed to the happy stretching of that muscle.

  9. jann,
    Heres' another tip: have someone else drive the car while you're taking photos through the window!

  10. Audrey,
    Indeed, the grey and the wet are an integral part of the Vancouver identity. Shoving feet into rain boots and grabbing a brolly seems so much easier than suiting up to go out in freezing temps. or snow. The tricky part is what to do with the dripping umbrella on the bus or walking around a department store. At least there aren't many wool coats being worn in the rain these days...remember how they tended to smell like wet dog?

  11. Robert,
    I'm so pleased you like the earth picture. I could hardly believe my eyes when I saw that big lit up globe. Luckily we were stopped at a red light so I had the chance to get a good shot. A winter without much rain or snow...I could get used to that, I think. Though it does sound awfully dry.

  12. BrO,
    For a little brother, you're not too wet behind the ears, especially when it comes to finding songs to illustrate a point. Some fine finger pickin' on the part of Mr. Kottke. I think it's more a case of Deep Inlet Blues around here, though.
    Actually, Singin' in the Rain is one of my all-time favourite movie song scenes. It always makes me smile.
    As do your messages.
    But jeez, I get these sudden cravings for pasta when I read them lately.

  13. Louciao, you realize I can't get the "Some of my favorite things" tune out of my head now, don't you? hee hee! I can't believe the magic you're able to create, even when you're shooting photos from behind a windshield! Incredible shots, especially that first one! If I had a car, I'd try it! :)

  14. Love all those pics but the b&W is the best xxx

  15. Looks like a nice glad you weren't driving and photographing! I do quite like the rain, this time of year here it is still quite warm when it rains so I would wouldn't I?!!

    I haven't restocked the drinks cabinet yet but am off out this weekend to do so...xx (altho' with WV being 'BONGING' maybe I should find something else??)

  16. What beautiful rainy shots! Just dreamy.

  17. Bella,
    I hope you were able to change the music station on your mental radio after driving around with me for awhile here!

    I had some fun with that photo in the special fx dept. so I'm glad you like it.

    Maybe you could try sipping the drinks through a bong? Glad to hear stocks will be replenished. May nothing but good fortune rain down upon you as you ride through the year ahead!

  18. lady fi,
    Thanks! Normally, I'd be on foot, toting an umbrella while trying to fish my camera out of my purse, so this was a really good opportunity for me to capture some of those rainy scenes unemcumbered. Glad you like them.

  19. oh my these are gorgeous!!! the first two especially, i am mesmerized... i had missed that (and your funny and so personal wit and your alert spirit, to mention just a few of the treats here inside your decollete :-)
    so lovely to be back.

  20. This nice posting guys. I like your blog.

  21. I love the rain too, though I do not get as much of it, sigh. All the multi-colored twinkling lights and reflections mingled with the rain drops on the window makes such a colorful and dazzling show, despite what one usually associates with rainy days. The first 2 are my favorites!

  22. Roxana,
    Always a treat to feel your eyes upon my decollete! I've missed your presence out there and was happy to see the Bridge is open for crossing again.

  23. Megafon Bania,
    I like your name.

  24. Stickup,
    I'm happy to have your support, and Roxana's, for the first two pix as I sometimes hesitate to post abastracty/blurry shots...don't ask me why. The rain can really enhance colours, ironically. We've had sunshine for the past few days which is, I must admit, a bit of a lift for the spirit. I guess when you don't have much of something, you appreciate it even more when you do get it--rain for you, sun for me. Practising gratitude in any event. When I remember...