Saturday, September 10, 2011

In Like Finn

We've been sleuthing around the slough for a few days now and I think it's time we stop for a little peek inside one of the cottages. 

One of my oldest and dearest friends has fixed this one up and won't mind us having a look around.

Have a seat in this cozy corner and rest a bit.  You must be tired after all this snooping sightseeing we've been doing.

If you're feeling chilly just  fetch some wood from the woodpile outside the front door and see if you can get a blaze going in the stove. I'll see if there's any wine about (knowing my friend, there's sure to be).

I guess it wouldn't hurt to cook up a bit of lunch while I'm at it. Everything is so handy in the kitchen area
(except, perhaps, the cook).

You just sit and admire the view.  I see the skunk cabbages are starting to flower.
See that yellow tip poking up outside, just behind the bowl?  Skunk cabbage flower.

It's really the personal touches and charming details that turn a shack into an invitingly comfortable home.
(After a total renovation, that is.)
Don't you love how these miniature boats mimic the real ones outside?  I do!

I think it may be time for an afternoon nap.  I'll curl up on the settee while you stretch out on the bed and drift off.  We can tell each other our dreams over a cup of tea when we wake up.

 beaux rêves!


  1. How charming! I do indeed love how the mini boat mimics the larger ones! What a cozy, lovely cottage. Skunk cabbage and all!

  2. I love this!!! I could certainly stay a while!! but I might not leave...

  3. Such a lovely home, thanks to the owners and you for inviting us in! :-)

  4. Wow! Such a wonderful transformation. The only question I have, being so terribly practical, is -- where's the washroom?

  5. Audrey,
    Isn't it sweet? And functional, too. The skunk cabbage adds just the right "flavour" to the natural spring "garden."

    If anyone knows how to turn a sow's ear into a silk purse it would certainly be you! I understand why you might like to stay awhile...

    I'm so pleased you could stop by. I'll have to try to concoct a dessert involving whipped cream to have with our wine.

    Ah yes, the most pressing question of all (right after, in your case, "Where's the ironing board?") There is, in fact, a perfectly functional little bathroom with a chemical flush toilet. One has only to pour a little solution of vinegar in the bowl afterwards. Easy peezy.

  6. What a delicious bed; I want to wrap that mosquito net around me and fall into a deep sleep.

  7. what to say, i think you just showed us a dream. thank you very much. may time and life continue to treat you all kind.

  8. jann,
    Okey dokey. I'll just tiptoe out and leave you sleeping peacefully, bug free, while I finish off the bottle of Sicilian wine that you so kindly brought.

    A dream realized, yes. My friend worked hard to make this place so dreamy and cozy. And may your fondest dreams come true!

  9. I could feel myself getting drowsier as I read and descended, something soothing about your voice and peaceful emanations for a beautiful interior universe, yes, started nodding off, drowsy, drowzy, drowzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

  10. ssssshhhhccccccnnnnnnnaaaaaggaggggrrrrraaauuuurrrpppppppp....

    oh my, was I snoring ?????

    Funny, I dreamed I sailed off in a pea green boat, on calm seas under a full moon... with a glass of wine at hand, and a song faintly playing, couldn't quite hear it though...

  11. BrOwen,
    That was you snoring? For a terrifying moment I thought the bulldozers and other heavy machinery had arrived to wipe out the slough dwellers. Phew! Now you're awake, how about seeing to that fire in the woodstove. Oh wait a minute, I think I'd better not send you outdoors: you're bound to see things you want to photograph and the story will turn into one similar to that of the man who went out for matches and never came back. La Grenouille would be very annoyed with me if I lost her husband in the Finnish soup. Nope, I don't want Interpol poking their bulbous noses in here. Why don't you just open another bottle of wine instead? And pop another CD into the player while you're at it.

  12. BrO
    PS. J'ai répondu à ta réponse en bas, au sujet de Courbet.

  13. What a great ambiance! Looks to me like the kind of place I could hole up in and be soothed by soft breezes, soft focus, soft colors and a soft bed. A lovely sense of repose...

  14. Whatever you do, don't send me out for matches ! The whole place could burn down...
    Yes, wine and a CD, that's the ticket... but not too much wine, otherwise more snoring will ensue...

    Am off to commune with Courbet...

  15. Stickup,
    You're so right--the place is like a sanctuary, an oasis tucked away just beyond the hustling life of urban sprawl. You could sit and ponder, or paint, or snooze; prepare tasty meals; go on a fast (slowly); get cozy with a good book or a close friend or your own good self. And then there are all those photos that could be captured just beyond the front door. I'm happy you stopped by and liked what you saw.

  16. Little BrO,
    You will be forever matchless for me.
    Big Sis

  17. well I must say it is charming and yes we can make sweet dreams in a place like this!
    your pictures are very very nice, thanks !

  18. Karine,
    I am charmed that you stopped by to dream awhile.

  19. Did someone say 'wine'? Oh that bed loks so inviting, I may just have to do my Goldilocks impersonation (sans porridge tho') after all that wood stoking and dancing to the CDs....this place is indeed an oasis from where I'm parked!

  20. Sister Saj,
    Well wasn't that just a hoot, dancing away together like that. (When I visited my friend that day we were dancing to Adele 21) I'm so happy you managed to get over here, porridge or no. Seeing as we're sisters and all, do you think you might leave a little room for me on the big bed beside you? We'll just have to shove the other bodies off to make room. On the count of three...

  21. Again, I am fascinated by this world in transition. Your friend has maintained the sense of place and atmosphere and appears to draw in the outside. It becomes the "art" as in the photo with the boats. I hope that as others (hopefully) reclaim these cottages that they do it as sensitively as your friend.

    Thank you for this journey...


  22. that is a really cute place....

  23. Genie,
    Yes,my friend definitely has a knack for making a place attractive and inviting while keeping it all very simple. I didn't really get a good look at any of the other places that have been reclaimed there but I believe it is quite a close-knit, friendly community of like-minded people that make their homes there. They would have to love the place in order to move there, that's for sure.

  24. Catherine,
    It really is. All the comforts one really needs, plus a few extras to make it personal and welcoming.

  25. oh love the picture of the bed

  26. Stampmouse,
    It's not bouncy but it is cozy! Give it a try, why don't you.

  27. lovely, lovely home and pics, i would love to live there :-)

    and i just can't take my eyes from the last one, that soft white curtain has got me mesmerized...

  28. Roxana,
    Curtains...yes, there is something about you and your art and the subject and symbolism and beauty and mystery and messagerie of curtains. Oh yes, and their practicality. Such as keeping the mosquitoes from eating one alive. I've never slept under a mosquito net curtain but I love how they appear to have already encased one in a soft-focused dream world before sleep has even entered.

  29. That's an amazing transformation. You'd never know that little cottage had it in her. ;) So nicely done.

    I'm still in catch up mode after spending a couple of weeks away at ... a cottage nestled somewhere between the before and after, decoration-wise.

  30. Hilary,
    My friend did make an amazing transformation of the place, if it was anything like the wrecks we saw on our way down the boardwalk. But I didn't see any "before" pictures so maybe it wasn't too far gone to begin with. It's really the homey decorating touches that make it so welcoming, don't you find? And I'm sure your cottage is cozy and inviting and well lived-in. Besides, my friend doesn't have a Benny to contend with.

  31. Beautiful photos. Truly a delightful cottage.

  32. Leovi,
    I'm so glad you could stop by, and that you enjoyed what you found.

  33. Now this is what I call a charming cottage! I would not mind napping in that glorious room all decked in white! The miniature boats were a lovely detail. Lovely captures!

  34. Bella,
    Isn't it sweet? Thank you for your visit. I'm glad you like what you found. I'll just tippy-toe out and leave you to have a little snooze, shall I?