Saturday, August 20, 2011

Old Dogs

You know what they say about old dogs...

It's true you'd probably have some difficulty in teaching this one new tricks...

but this old dog probably still has a few tricks
left up his sleeve.

(both subjects recently seen on the street in Charlottetown, Prince Edward Is.)

Old Dog Musician said I could take his picture as long as I didn't hang it on my bedroom wall.  He didn't say anything about putting it on my blog.


  1. You've made the old dog's picture so artistic with that cool background.

  2. where language has to stop, music takes over, and beyond.

    dogs are said to be the sixth sense.

    i'll try to melt these two into a single thought. thank you for the happy vibes. please have a good sunday.

  3. I can just imagine that canine thinking, "What? Me roll over and
    play dead? You must be out of your mind."

    As for that other old dog, I won't venture a guess as to what he has conjured up in his mind.

  4. Jenny,
    There's nothing like the challenge of a poorly shot photo to get me pulling out my bag of tricks! I'm glad you like the result.

  5. Robert,
    And dogs can hear things the human ear cannot--perhaps the music of the spheres?

  6. Shirl,
    I bet if you waved some beef jerky under the dog's nose he might be induced to try some of his old tricks (I am referring to the canine). As for the older dude, let's just give him the benefit of the doubt (he's a Quebecker, after all).

  7. I think the musician would be thrilled with this result!! Wouldn't he love to use it for his poster! Wow!

  8. You made my day a bit happier with this post... love the old dog with his expression of wonder (great shot).

    Now, the old dog musician is quite interesting with his natty style and je ne sais quoi. You are so talented and you might track him down and say you changed your mind... You decided to hang it on your bedroom wall - hah!


  9. Genie,
    Now you've made me smile...

    I could track him down and tell him that several of my blog friends have decided to hang this picture on their bedroom walls!

  10. From old horses to old dogs to dogged old guitar players, we are on the world tour here... so lovely to see you back at your old tricks of sleight of hand, sleight of image where old letters and postmarks turn a singer into a song, a visual poem... while the old dog looks on from a porch floor that looks to be about the same color as a certain sail on a sailboat glimpsed recently...

    May we howl our approval ?

    PS... WV is "caffe", as in a baby cowwe

  11. BrOwen,
    I look forward to a day when I will be able to work my sleight of hand on a picture that I will have taken of another dogged guitar picker, sitting in his kitchen while his lovely French wife and my charming Quebec partner cook up amazing pies and other sundry delights. Perhaps all of our hair will have turned white by then.
    Abracadabra! If wishes were horses, bloggers would ride.

  12. Am going to make a wish on every passing horse then... :-)

    (that's known as neigh-saying...)

  13. Wow cool photos...both old dogs!

  14. BrOwen,
    "The Neigh-Sayer"--wasn't that the sequel to "The Horse Whisperer"? Or am I barking up the wrong tree?

  15. Sally,
    I'm happy you like them. I'm so pleased you stopped by.

  16. Nothing ruff ruff about these photos, my friends Guide Dog looks like the first photo (well, he would wouldn't he, being a black lab and all...)
    You work such magic here!

  17. Saj,
    Great to see that you were guided here and didn't have too ruff a time of it, bark your shins or such. Guide dogs are really remarkable creatures, aren't they? So caring and serious and well-behaved. This old fellow (canine) was completely unperturbed by my pointing a camera at him. The other old dog was quite puffed up about it.
    Glad to see you out and about.

  18. Yep out and about giving my new gumboots a try out!

  19. Saj,
    As always, you look divine! I've been wearing my own "gummies" out to the garden in a futile attempt to avoid getting mosquito bites around my nether parts whilst gathering lettuce leaves for salad making. I'm stomping over to your place in them now to have a tipple with you. Lead on! shtomp, shtomp, shtomp