Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Hold Your Horses

Whoa Nellie!  I've been too long absent from the blog saddle.  Guess some of you thought I'd been put out to pasture.  But I'm feeling my blog oats (that would be "bloats") tonight so I thought I'd mosey on in here and horse around a bit.

Let's dog this woman's footsteps back to a lovely day last spring in Vancouver...

where things were starting to get a little bit in tents!

Cavalia was in town!  Cavalia is the equine equivalent of Cirque du Soleil.  The horses do everything but hang from trapezes! 

 No photos were allowed to be taken inside the showplace so I contented myself with catching shots of the large canvas posters that decorated the fences.

(As there is a lot of information online about this troupe, I am not going to go into details.  Click on the links above or take a shortcut to the Wiki version here. )

Polka dot horses are my all-time favourites!

I admit, I did sneak one picture of the "stage" before the second act began.
But really, it was a welcome relief to be able to just sit back in awe and delight, watching the show and not being distracted by fiddling with a camera.

When we exited the tent after the amazing spectacle, I noticed this strange, seemingly abandoned old warehouse situated just outside the grounds where the tents were set up.

The posters in front of it gave it the appearance of a fantasy barn made for phantom horses.

It seemed slightly surreal, rather like a movie set.
But then, the whole spectacle/experience was slightly surreal, in the most positive sense of the word.

This night out with my mother and my sister is one we'll each cherish for the rest of our lives--especially as we so rarely have the opportunity to trot out together and kick up our heels.

If Cavalia comes galloping into your town, don't miss the chance to see it.
It will truly whinny you over!


  1. That's a wonderful pic of the "barn" and horses!

  2. Fantastic images, I wished I was there! :-)

  3. Yes, I love the fantasy barn shots! Glad you were feeling your bloats!

  4. Yes, it was a lovely spectacle -- a memory that I cherish. One fact surprised me though, there were no female horses -- guess they would have been too distracting to the boy horses and put them off their game.
    No horsing around in that show.

  5. Caution... high horsepower post here ! Can see you were born to be wild... those canvas affiches are something else again... awesome light on them and the barn, twas the charge of the light brigade all over again... consider me whinnied over and over !

  6. oh, girl, well, you know, i'd love to be holdin' my horses 'bout right now - well, really just one horsey - but i galloped out of that pasture a while back - so now - well - now, here i am ooglin' your horses! and magnificent creatures they are! wonderful images, lady! very entertaining tent over here, as usual!

  7. This must have been quite a spectacle if the film clip is anything to go by.The canvas posters look amazing. Thanks for sharing!

  8. Must be about two decades since last I've been up on a horse. Thank you so very much for the memories.

    daily athens

  9. Jenny,
    It was like a vision. Was happy I spotted it. Glad you like it.

  10. Merisi,
    I guess you'll just have to make do with Vienna's famous Lippizans.

  11. jann,
    Not to be confused with feeling bloated, of course!

  12. Shirl,
    Yes, that was surprising, wasn't it. Knowing absolutely nothing about horses, I will hazard neither guess nor opinion. Speaking of horsing around, what about that horse that kept taking the short cut across the middle of the stage when they were all running in a circle. There's always gotta be a clown.

  13. Owen,
    "Caution Horses"... I guess you're familiar with those signs on the back of horse-toting vehicles. Somebody (Canadian) named their album that but I can't remember who. Attends minute...ah, Cowboy Junkies (where would we be without Wikipedia?)
    I thought you might like that building. The way the light hit it was just stunning. I really didn't do anything (much) to enhance it in my photos. The posters, on the other hand, got a taste of the Photoshop whip to bring them up to speed.
    Nice of you to take a break from all that food and beverage consommation you're so *heavily* involved in of late and mosey on over. Thanks for leaving the trail of oats from your barn (or bar, as the case may be) to the corral here.

  14. Gypsywoman,
    Thanks for jingle-jangling on over and taking a peek under the big top here! Glad you enjoyed the show.

  15. Forest Dream,
    Any hype you ever hear about Cavalia is true! The videos can only hint at the amazing show. And it's not just the horses that are superb, but acrobats and musicians and costumes as well.

  16. Robert,
    For me it's more like 4 decades since I've been on a horse! (but I won't tell you how old I was at the time)

  17. that polka dot horse, so utterly gorgeous! the look in its eyes makes my heart turn...

    there's something about horses that always makes me feel guilty, the terrible way in which we've treated them, these highly intelligent, sensitive animals. i feel responsible for the limited space this species has left to live in. the same with dolphins.

    what a find, that abandoned house/barn, with the broken windows and off white walls... an empty shell - quite the contrast with the bursting energy of horses.

  18. Am still here gazing in wonder at that barn... wild horses couldn't drag me away...

    There is a similar troupe here in Paris that's been around 25 years, we saw them some years ago, Bartabas and Zingaro...


    Now, gotta get back to the serious business of vacationing, but may be back at the Saddle, err, la Selle this evening, if you care to stop by and wet your whistle...

  19. love that surreal shot of the barn - like a movie set indeed - Greetings from the French Riviera - yes the move has been made....

  20. The barn photos are great, show sounds amazing xx

  21. Manuela,
    That polka dot horse is a magic horse and his dots are stars--did you notice? That image captures the feeling of the show (at least some of it). These horses are, apparently, treated better than a lot of humans are. Still, I'm not sure why humans have to tame every living creature and train them to do tricks.

  22. BrOwen,
    Wouldn't you rather be at the beach, or the bar, or between the sheets instead of gazing at a picture on a computer screen? Not that I'm not glad to find you here...again.

    Is that whipped cream that you have on your nose? And what's that colourful little paper umbrella you have tucked behind your ear? Looks like someone is taking his vacation responsibilities very seriously indeed.

    Let's hope the Saj manages to dig herself out of the snow and silt and meet up with us in la Selle before it's time for you to head home. Keep up the good non-work!

  23. Catherine,
    How exciting that you're on the Riviera now! Looking forward to seeing your new colours. I think you may have gone to live in a movie set!

  24. Lulu,
    And not a cup of lumpy tea to be found anywhere on site!

  25. Hay, why the long faces? Now you've gone and put this blog up and I feel 'nagged' into posting a comment but in the 'mane' they are great photos, and you had a lovely 'tail' to tell with them, you must be a little 'hoarse' with all this blog chat. I'll hoof it before you clobber me shall I? Hi ho Siiiilver (and away)

  26. Just who was that masked woman?!
    (she looked rather whinnysome, I thought).

    Thanks for the horse laugh, Saj! I love your snow white horse. Oh, wait a minute, it really is made out of snow.

  27. It looks like a wonderful experience. I love those surreal building shots and I'm glad that despite the fact that you couldn't take photos, you still enjoyed the "mane" event. ;)

  28. Hilary,
    There was no foaling around for camera-toters once we'd all been corraled under the big top. But outside, the situation was a horse of a different colour and I was feeling my oats and hot to trot right over to that surreal barn and make hay while the moon shone.

  29. whee-hah!

    WV: puriosio
    Italian purée