Tuesday, July 5, 2011

You know You're a Redneck When...

you drag an upholstered chair out on to the front porch
for summertime sittin'.

...at least it's not a car seat, though that would be more authentic.
This one has a certain style, I like to think.

Or how about when half of your wicker furniture was found in someone else's roadside garbage and your own is in worse shape than that found??? 

Maybe not quite redneck; perhaps more shabby chic? 


  1. And yet it all works just perfectly. I'd go with shabby chic. ;)

  2. Thanks, Hilary.
    It's good to have aspirations but best to avoid pretensions and I didn't want to get above myself.
    I guess I could go all post-modern and call it "repurposing".

  3. Sounds like the good life to me! Now all you need is a Mason jar to hold that drink.

  4. Patricia,
    Ha! That's pretty high falutin'! The jug that the hooch was made in aint good enough?

  5. It all looks very pleasant and comfortable to me. I like the stick chair on the right of the first photo. And not a mouse in sight!

    On the subject of animals.....do you have bears in the woods in Albert County?

  6. Anonymous06 July, 2011

    And to go with Patrick's Mason jar - a shotgun propped in the corner??? And my verification word, "dingly" made me thing that maybe some nice dingle balls hanging from the eaves would be a nice touch.

    Seriously though, I think that your deck looks really lovely. Very inviting and very comfy.

  7. the word 'redneck' and all its connotations is one i've never really gotten, as a non-native speaker. i keep reading about what it means, and can infer the intended meaning form the context, usually, and still it remains elusive. or, rather, all its implications remain elusive. not sure why, some words/concepts are like that, too embedded in a cultural and historical context to be grasped from the outside?

    all that to say, i don't get the connection between the chair and the red neck :), but i think your patio and porch look just wonderful.

  8. I could waste many hours sitting comatose on that brown chair. I can feel the plushness just looking at it. And coming from a place where the brutal sun makes new paint flake almost instantly, I admire the perfect yellow walls and white floor.

  9. quite agree - there were loads of battered sofas on porches when i recently travelled on the West Coast of the States - an icon!!Greetings from Mexico (but only until Sunday)....

  10. Forest Dream Weaver,
    It does the trick. The twig chair was made by my neighbour, with locally gathered twigs and some scrap lumber.

    There are, in fact, black bears in this area of New Brunswick, but I haven't seen any (thankfully). Apparently there is an outfitter in the village next to the national park, about an hour from where I live, who takes hunters out to shoot bears at certain times of the year.

  11. Audrey,
    Not being a genuine redneck,I don't have a shotgun. Nor a pickup truck; hence my inability to haul a truck seat onto the porch instead of this sissisfied chair. But if I did have a pickup truck, I would definitely put some of them dingly balls around the front window!

  12. m,
    How true about certain words being so deeply embedded in their culture that their levels of meaning are hard to really get inside by someone from away. Seeing as you've already done a lot of research on the word "redneck" I won't burden you with any further definitions (which are usually tongue-in- cheek). I'll just say it indicates a certain degree of being very rough around the edges, if not right to the core.
    More confused? Never mind, sit yourself down in the chair on the front porch and I'll bring you out a jar of moonshine from the still to calm your nerves.
    (Just kidding!)

  13. jann,
    You'd better douse yourself with a good coating of bug repellent before you go comatose out on the porch!

  14. Catherine,
    Keepin' up with the Joneses, redneck style!

    Only until Sunday?! Wow. It's really happening. I look forward to seeing your new discoveries. It'll be quite a different palette, that's for sure. Bonne chance et bon voyage.

  15. How about a boutique for tourists en route to Fundy . . . Redneck Chic?

    WV mistype - this program must be reacting to my keyboarding skills.

  16. DCW,
    A good idea but I'd be worried that the Bacchus Boys might show up to get some decorating tips for their club house. But seeing as this is a bilingual province, maybe I could call it Le Cou Rouge. On second thought...might not go over too well with the locals. Nope, think I'll just stay low-profile in these here hills.

  17. A redneck would also have his bathtub on the porch! I like the look! Very inviting! And isn't it a lift to make changes? You start to see things differently... xo

    wv: baryin - when women are crying for no reason at the bar.

  18. Margaret,
    You're so right! The bathtub would be the redneck equivalent of a hot tub, without running water, of course. A little furniture shifting does give a fresh feeling to a familiar scene.
    A change is as good as a cure? At any rate, it alleviates the need for baryin.

  19. It's all soooo much better than earthquake chic,!!