Sunday, July 10, 2011

Port of Call

I'm going away for a few days, to visit friends in the Atlantic port city of Halifax, Nova Scotia.  I expect some good blogging fodder, though I won't be posting anything until I'm back.  Meanwhile, I thought I'd offer up a few pictures from the Pacific side of this country, taken when I was out in Vancouver last March.

I don't know when the city began planting palm trees as if they're native to the area.  I think they started taking their "Hollywood North" identity a little too literally.  They make interesting silhouettes, though.

There are always a lot of freighters parked on the horizon of English Bay.  Here we see a crow parked rather artistically on the tip of a sculpture to the left of the picture. 

Not wanting to be outdone, a pigeon and a seagull perch atop a lightstand, overlooking a street vendor below.  Note the tree on top of the apartment building on the right: Slightly redundant, perhaps, as it neighbours on Stanley Park.

If I didn't have to hurry off and pack my bag, I wouldn't mind sitting here on this bench and enjoying the view and a hot dog.  I'm sure they have a veggie dog option if you prefer.

Here's a glimpse of the sea wall (on the right, in front of the trees) that circles Stanley Park.  It's a great way to spend a day walking, bicycling or roller blading.  I once got ticketed at 5 in the morning by two policemen on horseback for riding my bike in a walk-only area of the path!  There wasn't a soul on it, other than me and the police.  I mean, really!
But anyway, that's water under the bridge (the Lion's Gate Bridge) and  I've got to get ready to hit the trail for my Atlantic port of call tomorrow, so I'll say ta-ta for now! 

While I'm away, here's a suggestion, as found carved into a rock in the park--


  1. Enjoy Halifax. It's one of my favourite cities. My son just returned to Cornwall after spending 3 weeks there, organizing the Royal NS International Tattoo.

    Have a safe trip. Looking forward to seeing your photos upon your return.

  2. Check your suitcase...I'm coming with you! Or shouldI stay at your place while you're away and keep an eye on your wine cellar?? (WV 'psing' as in I promise I won't be psing it all away...)

  3. Vancouver's looking a little like Sicily with those palms. Can't wait to see Halifax through your eyes!

  4. Of course I love the pictures of Vancouver, but I am very anxious to witness your time in Halifax. You do indeed visit some of the most wonderful locations in Canada - thank you for sharing them with us.

    Travel safe!

  5. And I do believe you are right - first came Hollywood North, and then came the palm trees! For a very long time, it seemed to work!

  6. Enjoy Halifax. I have a strange fragmented impression of Halifax. We had an old neighbour (born 1911) who lived there as a boy when shipped out as part of the movement to resettle orphans in "the Colonies". (Trouble is, he wasn't an orphan)He used to go back to Halifax regularly to see his friends and send me postcards. The only other things I know about it are that it is where Titanic victims were taken ashore - my elderly friend had a locket which had been given to him by one of them in about 1930. And a very good friend has a nephew who is organist in the cathedral and she loved going to stay with him sometimes and thought Halifax was great. I'll look forward to your posts on your return, to learn more about this city.

  7. Have a fine time !!!

  8. Hey dear Big Sis... just wanted to shout out a big HELLLLLOOOOO to you, we just got back from our little trip in the south, now have huge job ahead to sort out all the photos ! Hope you are having a fabulous time by the sea with good company, and behaving yourself, and are bringing back lots of fine seafood and food for thought for us... funny, but am missing your company while you are away... take care and be well, oh, and bottoms up !!!

  9. Hurry back, your cellar is starting to run dry..

  10. what a lovely beach, i adore those subdued hues in the pictures, it looks like a Courbet...

    i hope you are enjoying your time away from blogging and that the heat is not too upsetting :-)

    warm hugs.

  11. Situation is now getting critical, Saj and Roxana and I are here, the temperature is going up, as is the pile of empty bottles, we are now hot and thirsty and out of spirits to drink... Where on earth did you hide the key to that big case hardened steel padlock on your second backup booze cellar ??? We may have to find some dynamite and blast our way in there... But I wouldn't want to do that, it might scare off the raccoons, and sister Saj has had enough of things that sound like earthquakes...