Saturday, June 4, 2011

Knock! Knock!

Who's there?



Orange who?

Orange you glad to see that I'm back?!

Just to let you know that I was sleeping elsewhere
during the past week,
and have consequently been out of touch.

Will be back soon with more colours.


  1. Welcome back. Hope you're feline groovy.

  2. Oh what a furry fluff ball ! Glad to see where you could get your head back out of the bucket (just saw your splashes and gurgles over at sister Saj's place, and left a little belated splash there me-self) long enough to catch these colors... The first one brought to mind straightaway a certain colorful Christmas card with stairs to second floor abodes. This place must look great in October when they put out the pumpkins...

    Orange we glad ? We are simply cat-apulted into furry realms of bliss to see the lights on here again. Our neighbors have an orange cat just like this... redheads of the cat world ! You must have had to creep most fur-tively up to the steps to get that shot... and then hightail it outta there...

  3. Bloggers need a cat nap now and then...

  4. Just noticed kitty cat's eyes are not closed tight and some of the claws are at the ready. One can never be too cautious when the local paparazzi's are
    sneaking up on you. What a perfect "guard cat".

  5. DCW,
    It's the cat's pyjamas.

  6. Anonymous05 June, 2011

    how peaceful a colour it is in your neck of the wood. thank you for 'this rest'.
    due to recent developments, took a while to get 'me head' to appear. please have you all a good new week.

    daily athens

  7. BrOwen,
    I was nearly catatonic with delight at finding this redhead of the feline variety sleeping it off on a front porch, perhaps mewsing over the benefits of fresh rodent vs canned fish.

    I fear pumpkins would pale in comparison to the Halloweeny hues of this building. Perhaps the residents should carve some eggplants instead, to underline the contrasting purple details.

  8. Shirl,
    The guard cat was sound asleep,dead to the world, and I'm afraid I managed to wake him with all my camera-fumbling and trying to get in for a close-up. He only woke up enough to assume the pose you see here, one eye slightly open, claws at the ready, as you noticed. I was afraid he'd slink off in a snit, but he was far too comfortable and sure of himself to be bothered. I suspect he's accustomed to the paparazzi...or maybe it's the catarazzi.

  9. Robert,
    I'm not sure that I'd agree with you about the "peacefulness" of the colours in this neck of the woods...even the grass seems a little on the acid side of green. I'm glad to see you managed to get that head shot up over at your place. I had been wondering where it had gotten to...knowing how it pops up in unexpected places I thought maybe it had rolled on to another city/blog. Have a good week!

  10. Oh do you know I have ADORED ginger moggies since seeing Thomasina as a child, and then I read "Its like this, Cat' as a teen and adored them all over again! How wonderful. We had a ginger named Chamberlain but now only got Tabby and Black mogs.

    Glad you feline better and not overly catatonic but fluffy and with a paws between blogs....feline groovy!

  11. Anonymous06 June, 2011

    Purrfectly happy to see you back! The cycle of blogging viewing was not complete without you.

  12. Knock! Knock!
    Who's there?
    Cheese who?
    Cheese an absolutely adorable orange tabby! And matches the house.
    The orange and blue are a stunning combination! Beautiful!
    I read somewhere that when you hold a cat in your arms, (s)he purrs contentedly, all the while raking his claws over any tender skin (s)he can find...
    My orange tabby says hi to yours and that we're both glad to see you back! Ƹ̴Ӂ̴Ʒ

  13. Hmmm, eggplants ? Do you think there is a "giant" variety ? Gotta love their deep purple hues... almost as mythical as the colors of beets so lovingly glorified in Robbins' Jitterbug Perfume... You're surely right, orange on orange would be harder on the eyes than blonde on blonde or purple on orange...

  14. Saj,
    I didn't know kitties are also called mogs. I love it! I remember one of my daughter's favourite story books was about a rather dim-witted cat with the name of Mog. Now I get it!
    My grandmother had an orange cat named Bill when I was wee and he was wild--I was terrified of him. This fluffy fellow seemed more than mellow, though.
    Don't let your "mogs" hear you refer to them as "ONLY" black and tabby.

    WV: headeul
    Short for head duel--similar to a mind game but for sharper wits

  15. Audrey,
    That is so sweet of you to say! I hope you won't mind having a little detour to the streets of Montreal for a few days. I promise we'll get back to Vancouver before too long.

  16. Margaret,
    I thought you wuz gonna say, "Cheez it, the cops!" Purring but with claws at the ready and one eye on the door...the ways of cats...and maybe a certain type of woman? I'm glad you share my delight with those vibrant building colours--not tones I would use for my own bucolic setting but they really work in that Montreal enviro.

  17. Owen,
    Eggplants and beets. People are said to get as red as a beet but never as purple as an eggplant. I think we should introduce that phrase into the English lexicon. "When he died of apoplexy he was as purple as an eggplant."

    I don't remember anything at all from Jitterbug Perfume, except the fact that I read it a long time ago. Maybe this summer I'll reread all the Tom Robbins...last summer I revisited Fierce Invalids. There is not one of his books in the local library! But I have the power to order them in from other branches throughout the province. Nyah-ha-ha-ha-ha-hah! (That was demonic laugh with with a purple eggplant tinge of power to it).

  18. I love that beautiful kitty.. he's purrfect! And the orange brick.. so classic of some Montreal homes to be painted brightly. I miss my native city. Thanks for bringing a small part of it to me.

  19. Hilary,
    A Montréalaise?! I can understand how you must miss it. I've lived there for a time and had a marvellous time rediscovering all my old haunts when my daughter went to McGill. I'm glad she's been calling it home for many years now. More Montreal sights coming up! Get out your box of Kleenex.

  20. haha, this is too cuuuute - i worked last night on a cat pic as well, but a black one! :-)

  21. I wonder why it is that black cats hold such mystery/mystique. Perhaps their age-old association with witches and the dark arts. Cats are funny and inscrutable but definitely possessed of definite opinions from which they cannot be swayed.