Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Little Shops of...

I promised you in the post below that we would take a look in a couple of the shops we passed by in Gastown so let us sample the wares:

First we might like to choose an appropriate outfit from Deluxe Junk, or one of the other similar shops in the area that sell retro fashions.  I've heard that if you wore it the first time it was in style, you shouldn't sport it when it comes back around. 

The antiques and faux antiques store has an odd mish-mash of merchandise.  Its most impressive feature would be its odour, but I don't have the scratch and sniff feature on my camera so I can't share that with you.

Something for the lady and something for the gent, and probably everybody in between.

Bulls in a china shop stand next to a mind reader.

Careful not to lose your footing here!

Technically, this is not a Gastown window but it holds a reflection of the Sears tower that we saw in a puddle in the post below, and thus neatly wraps up our little tour.

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  1. More odd juxtapositions of the strange and the ordinary! Love it! I think the reason one is not supposed to wear the same thing when it comes back in style later is because it will have been modified by some small feature so that one is obliged to buy the new version! Probably the original is of better quality! Are those acupressure heads and feet (reflexology)? I love that man's jacket in the last photo! And how could you resist buying those stacks of magazines?! The stuff collages are made of! Great shots, Lynne!

    WV: duless:
    I don't know how I could do less; I don't do enough now! (do less)

  2. These are my favourite sort of shops and sights, love these pix xx

  3. Margaret,
    I love your quip about how could you "du less." I can relate!
    I think the reason we're not supposed to revisit the fashions of our youth is because we'll quite probably look ridiculous. But just tell me where a woman of a certain age (and shape) is supposed to shop on a limited budget and come out looking, if not exactly hot, at least lukewarm?!

  4. Lulu,
    After seeing pix of all your exotic travels and weird sights around the office, I am pleased and surprised to hear that you love my humble findings. A girl after my own heart (and humour).

  5. Anonymous26 May, 2011

    Another lovely stroll, accompanied by a delightful, fun commentary. I love all of the pics - the first one reminds me of a movie set or a museum. And the "Gents Toilet?" Is is safe to assume that "Ladies" are too dignified to use such a contraption? But my favorite has to be the proverbial bull in the china shop. It made me laugh! Thnk you for these wonderful posts - I can't wait to see more of your adventures in Lotus Land.

  6. In that first photo, I see a replica of an extremely large beret I once knitted, which later, in desperation, was transformed into a lamp shade.

  7. Audrey,
    You're right, ladies are far too refined to use a least the word toilet, unless it refers to perfumed toilet water (now that's a strange expression!And ladies only "tinkle," I believe.

    There are are more adventures in Lotus Land waiting in the wings but I'm interrupting this ongoing exploration with a trip to Montreal to visit my daughter, leaving tomorrow. Will be back at my post in about a week, I'd say. See you then!


  8. Shirl,
    Better a lampshade than a toilet seat cover! Waste not, want not.

  9. Oh yes, these are also my fave kind of shops...infact, I drive the kids mad by making sure I stop and shop no matter what town I am in. Mind you, these days I don't buy anything (too much mess to clean up if they fall...)

  10. Saj,
    I think we would be perfect for taking a road trip together! I'm just off on a trip to see my daughter in Montreal,who used to complain bitterly every time I dragged her into funky shops. Turns out that the shoe is now on the other foot and I'm the one waiting patiently while she riffles through items that are of no apparent use for me (ie. trendy clothes). I don't whine too much because she takes me out for drinks as compensation. Though she does get pretty excited about visiting museum gift shops, I'm proud to say. Your turn will come, Saj. It will all be worth it...eventually.

  11. It's always fun to shop with you, and especially great to have the experience and spend no money!

  12. I love your window shots - it seems to be a fascinating recurring theme in your work and way of viewing a city??

  13. Anonymous27 May, 2011

    hmmm...guess I would have taken the head.
    happy colours inside, so it feels. a weekend alike for you all.

  14. Anonymous28 May, 2011

    Would you believe I found this head during todays afternoon for sale over here ?!

    Currently working on another 'theme' called 'Babylon to Eden', I'd like to introduce on Thursday, I will show him then.

    Please have a good Sunday.

    daily athens

  15. So what were you thinking with the title, "Little shops of..." ?

    Little shops of horrors ?

    No, surely not... something else then ?

    Happy voyage to Mont Real...

  16. wow - i feel lost in this world, we don't have such little shops here, selling retro things (of course that would be hard, retro communist stuff? hmmm - but maybe this would attract the nostalgic ones, who knows)...

  17. jann,
    I'm a past master at shopping while not spending money...and vice versa.

  18. Catherine,
    I'm happy that you like my window shot/city views! You are absolutely right, it is a recurring theme with me. I'm fascinated with how worlds are combined in window reflections.

  19. Robert,
    That's an amazing coicidence! Two heads are definitely better than one!

  20. Owen,
    Little shop of...not quite sure...this and fill in the blank. Do I have to spell everything out???

  21. Roxana,
    I read somewhere of a retro-Communist styled hotel that is quite popular with tourists!