Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Getting Clear

Now that I've been back on the east coast for a week, my perceptions are coming more into focus.

I'm starting to feel like I'm getting back into the swim of things.

Someone advised me that I should try harder to bloom
where I've been planted.

I know that my creativity has burst out here in the past
and tickled others.

Even though I sort of feel like I'm pinned to the wall
and stuck in a place I don't really feel at home in...

I do have a few like-minded friends to keep me feeling starry-eyed.
And there's nothing fishy about that!


  1. Living in a foreing city, country, many times even world, for the past seven years, this was surely a felt entry. Thank you. Wishing you a bright and kind Thursday.

  2. Don't see an enemy; be a star.

  3. Robert,
    Your example of living and thriving in a country so foreign to your homeland makes my little struggles seem quite insignificant!
    I wish you a Thursday full of tender moments.

  4. DCW,
    Star light, star bright
    First star I sea tonight
    I fish I may
    I fish I might
    Catch the fish I fish tonight!

  5. That is too funny, Lynne! I don't know if I like you better focused or unfocused! :)

  6. Margaret,
    As long as you like me!

  7. Just don't wish your life away...

  8. Patricia,
    Sage advice.
    I do try to find happiness in the moment, or at least contentment; to appreciate and create beauty in my surroundings. But doubtlessly part of the human experience is to know longing. If only in order to learn to overcome it, or at least sit comfortably with it...and let it go whenever it arises. Yes, the letting go is always the hard part, I think.

  9. Incredible shapes and colors and textures here! Brava.

  10. Oh lovely, you must be the Littlest Mermaid in disguise to ahve captured this seascape so fabulously!
    Have lost my blog mojo so will be cooling my heels and hanging out in other ponds for awhile....don't worry tho' I have got my own stock of bubbles and no, they're from the bottle not from me...END of.

  11. This fish does look happier when in focus!

    Enjoy your weekend!

  12. Just when I thought you'd gotten out of the tank and towelled off, there you go, plunging back in again... well, I won't carp about it, but just don't flounder around in there for too long, otherwise your fingertips are going to get all wrinkly again. Anyway, sounds like there's a ray of hope in there somewhere, so chin up, soldier on, after this latest round of sole searching, you'll just have to get on with things, eh ? At least the Saj is there, so what say we all have a little tipple, even if it isn't Tuesday ?

    Anchors away !

  13. jann,
    I was transfixed! Such riches floating before my very eyes...and camera lens.

  14. Saj,
    I can barely swim but I do like to pretend.
    Perfectly understandable about your blog mojo being bunged up after all you've been through, and doubtlessly still processing. Glad to hear you are managing to keep well tanked.

  15. Forest Dream Weaver,
    Clearly, he was ready for his close-up.

  16. BrOwen,
    Hey there, sailor. Soldier's all the same. Bombs away or anchors aweigh, the scales are tippled in the right direction, which is obviously towards the bar where the lovely Sagittarian is giving us the fish eye from the bottom of her upturned glass, waiting for us to join her in getting tanked. One more round then I'm going to quit this crazy SEAne and dry out. Cheers!

  17. Aweigh ? Away ? Aaaarrrggghhhhh !!!

    Ahoy thar matey, seems like I must be three sheets to the wind to be mixing up expressions like that !

    Well shiver me timbers

  18. BrOwen,
    I love it when you talk Pirate, never mind the spelling: I didn't even notice!