Friday, February 11, 2011

B. Snider Self

On the main street of the village where I live there's a mechanic shop called Snider's Garage.  Mr. Snider seems to have a fondness for large, boat-sized cars of a certain vintage. To this day, he is still driving one, proudly sporting a vanity license plate that reads "B. Snider."  The former vehicular loves of his life are kept fondly next to the garage, gracing Main Street with their louche and decaying charms. 

The winter is proving a bit too much for the old dears, however, and they have pulled the snowy quilt up over their ample curves and snuggled up to indulge in voluptuous dreams of their gas-guzzling glory days...

One keeps her mirror handy...

to check for signs of spring.  

I could have sworn I heard a Dylan tune, slightly muffled by the snow,  playing from a car radio.

"People are crazy and times are strange
I'm locked in tight, I'm out of range
I used to care, but things have changed
This place ain't doing me any good
I'm in the wrong town, I should be in Hollywood
Just for a second there I thought I saw something move"


  1. They are indeed blankets of snow... I enjoyed my few days with snow but am back to appreciating it vicariously....still so much!!

  2. Catherine,
    Definitely the two best methods to appreciate snow: briefly and/or vicariously!

  3. Totally fabulous ! Good to see you've been able to get out of the cabin and into the cold in order to reduce the fever.

    I'll bet those old cars with their thick snow blankets must be like igloos in there, warm and cosy big back seats... but visibly no traces of anyone trying to sneak in there for a nights rest...

    The video, sadly, is blocked in France due to copyright issues, says the message I get when I clicked it... will have to go give that tune a listen elsewhere...

    While in London, I found your icon's cousin, minus the sunglasses... just posted a photo for your viewing pleasure. Maybe you could photoshop a pair of sunglasses on ???

    Stay warm !

  4. BrOwen,
    Welcome back! I hardly had time to miss you, but I did my best.
    I think if we could get around behind the blanketed beauties we'd discover some raccoon size pawprints crawling under and into those cocoony/raccoony backseats. That's probably why the car radio was on. I'm pretty sure I heard some bottles clinking and smelled some Gauloise smoke on the air. Yup, had to be raccoons because I don't think the Sagittarian smokes.

    Too bad about the video censor: it's like a mini movie, with cameo appearances by Michael Douglas and Robert Downey Jr. & a few other famous faces. A little scenario going on, with Bob looking like a craggy old roué.

  5. These photos make me smile & wonder how you managed to wade in deep enough to capture the shots! Brava!

  6. jann,
    All I'm sayin' is god bless the zoom lever on my camera!

  7. Correctomondo, she doesn't smoke! That clinking you could here was me hauling the sleigh thru all that snow to try and burrow you out. I could ahve sworn the woodchuckerer said you were snowed under and he was B. Snider himself trying to help....

  8. Well, when I go straight to the YouTube site and pull up what looks to be the same video there, I can watch it no problem, but again today when clicking it on your page, get the copyright message again... What an excellent tune ! Just packed with those punch packing Dylan lines... "Don't get up gentlemen, I'm just passing through... I been walking 40 miles of bad road... Feel like falling in love with the first woman I meet, puttin her in a wheelbarrow, and wheeling her down the street... I used to care, but things have changed !"

    What a trip ! What a way with words... and that sulky, smoky beat which just keeps driving on, like a hard rain falling...

    Yeah, and I'll bet you heard some bottles clinking and raccoons raucous screeching from in those snow covered dens, the cars were probably rocking up and down, sideways too on those boat-like leaf spring suspensions, even if coated with icicles...

    So funny how he's eating a burger at the end of the video !

  9. That's a lot of snow there. I expect they're awaiting the big reveal in Spring now.

  10. Saj,
    Did you drink all the sustenance before you reached me??! Bless you for trying, at least. The Woodchuckerer never asks for help for anything,ever, so it must have been the bleating of the raucous raccoons that you heard. I'm surprised you know what a sleigh is.

  11. BrOwen,
    I knew you'd like the Dylan tune! I'm so glad you were able to dial it in. Great lyrics, voice, drive--classic Dylan, yes. I also get a kick out of the inherent degree of self-deprecation.

    Do you think the raccoons were jumping up and down on the back seats? Probably practising their disco moves...they're so retro. I can't imagine what else they'd be up to...hmmmm...will have to ponder a bit on that...

  12. Mme. DeFarge,
    The big reveal of Spring! hahaha! I love it.

    Don't you wish you were here with that team of Huskies you were so fond of?? Snowmobiles are the preferred "sport" in these parts, alas.

  13. I am in love with your snow, I need to come over and make igloos and ice instruments

  14. For sure a lot of 'white noise' going on around your neighbourhood. Over here temperature nearly did reach 65F again during midday. Planing to travel four days to Germany, where water still does freeze, a much welcome change.

    Wishing you spring to arrive soon and a good start into the new week as well.

    daily athens

  15. Lulu,
    Bring some of your chairs for the igloo! And don't forget your cardi. I can't help but wonder about "making ice instruments"! Are they for creating music or performing operations?

  16. Robert,
    You're so right--the white noise around here is almost deafening! I can't wait to hear the sound of it melting!

  17. Your snow looks so soft and takes the forms of nature. Ahhh... Ours is frozen and glazed over, like a moonscape with daggers of icicles here and there. Your music piece is excellent, would fit here, too.
    Did you have an anti-woo song for Saj?:) I came up with the Irish "Breakeven" by The Script: "'Cause when a heart breaks, it don't break even." Me ♥

  18. Wow, that's a lot of snow! BRRRRR. I'm surprised the cars don't get damaged after spending an entire season under there. Good thing you have access to good Tipple recipes to give you the warmth and courage to venture outdoors.

  19. Snow here, snow there, snow in the video! More snow please! And, I promise, no snide remarks ~

  20. Margaret,
    I haven't ventured out on the snow to test its crustiness, but it's definitely not glazed. I hate that, when it's covered with a solid sheet of ice. I suppose once the thaw/freeze process begins, we'll have that to look forward to.
    My anti-woo song for Saj was "What's Love Got To Do With It." Pretty much says it all, I think.

  21. Stickup,
    Indeed, how would I manage to get through a Maritimes winter without the good tippling advice from the generous Sagittarian!

    If you peek under the snow blankets, or click on the highlighted word "spring" under the last photo, you'll see that there's no need to worry about damage being done to these old warhorses.

  22. Driftwood,
    I am besnide myself with gratitude for the lack of snide remarks from your direction. Would you like a side order of snow with your snow?

  23. ah you beat me to it with the besnide myself - I was just going to post it. Great minds are lost everyday. Happy Valensnide Day.