Saturday, January 1, 2011

"I mean, what do you want to do in this world, ya know?  Why did you start it? 
How do you want to finish it?  Now that's the blues."
-Keith Richards


  1. You may be able to start a new career in paleontology !

    Going way back into the Stone Age like that and digging up traces of dinosaurs... this is certainly an interesting examination of the fossil record...

    A good way to start off the new year, going back to our origins.

    (I did watch all of it, rather fascinating really...)

  2. Funny, as well, earlier this evening I was watching some of "Shine a Light" and "Gimme Shelter", while clearing out a little space on the television recorder... not to mention a great film about Jimi H.

    Must have been on your wavelength...

  3. haha, 'Stone Age", gotta love that brother of ours eh?

    Last year I read a book called "What would Keith do?" and it was full of moments from keith's press releases etc and was very funny! Infact, one day as I was flying from Tauranga to Auckland (as ya do) seated next to me was our countries Chief Commissioner of Police and he was quite interested in the books philosophy!

    Happy New Year. xx

  4. Great video! (Love Keith's hairdo here.) I forwarded it to my hubby, who's dying to read the new book. Buon Anno!

  5. BrOwen,
    1.) I reckon I was diggin' the Stones while you were still playing with a shovel in your sandbox (I mean in our youth, not last night...although it's been a few days since you've blogged...and I know you do have a sandpit in your backyard...)

    2.) On my wavelength? Careful there, little brother,you might blow a few synapses.

    3.) What do you mean you were watching rock'n'roll clips and doing a Molly Maid on your tv recorder? You took personal time--away from blogging??? Hmmm, what does this augur for the new year.

    4.) I am impressed that your attention span lasted the full 8:30 mins. without snapping. I will put your honourary Rolling Stones Fan Club Member card in the mail posthaste.

  6. Saj,
    Yes, brother O is pretty clever: Our little family is just one bottomless pit of wit, wouldn't you say?

    That book about what would Keef do must be pretty amusing...not to say deep. I'll have to try to find it. Do you suppose the Chief Commissioner of Police was studying it to find out what not to do?
    Happy New Year to you, too: I'm glad to see you're still standing.

  7. jann,
    You watched it!? I thought I'd just sneak the video in here and see if anyone else would cotton on to it (isn't that a great expression? my mother uses it). The clips pretty much encapsulate what I've read in the autobiography thus far. If your hubby's a Stones fan from way back, he'll love it!
    I was happy to find a video where Keef hadn't dyed his locks. Isn't it amazing what a good headband can do for one's look?

  8. i haven't watched the video yet, this quote just cracked me up! :-)

    and, Lynne, happy new year!!!

  9. The very essence of a a blues man indeed.

    And yes, one rarely knows what one starts until it ends.

    Please have a good start into the new week !

    daily athens

  10. Roxanna,
    For the full effect of the quote, you should put the video minutes slider to around 8:13! You'll love it!

  11. Robert,
    Yah, old Keith has enough battle scars and road warrior experiences under his belt to play the blues with feeling all right. \

    I wonder how many little adventures we'd begin if we knew where'd they'd eventually lead. Probably best not to know...else we might never step out the door.

    Please have a good start into the new week and the new year, yourself.