Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Love is Love and Not Fade Away

In these last days of the year,

though we're not exactly rolling in dough,
we always have enough bread
(thanks to Pierre)
and plenty of amusements with which to occupy our time,

such as the traditional double-page Christmas crossword
to keep us from being totally clueless,
(or the Keith Richards autobiography
which I enjoy reading during a hot soak in our deep, old-fashioned bath tub--
no picture available).

There's plenty of snow to be shovelled,
or to observe being shovelled
(here we see my neighbour across the street in action).

There are always stacks of work or play waiting upstairs for me in my studio
as illustrated (pardon the pun)
by this pile of cartoon maxims ready for paint.

And there are lots of windows to gaze out of in the sunroom
(or cloud room, or moon room, whatever the case may be)
while we watch and wait as this year fades away. 

PS.  This is the inspiration behind this post's title,
for those of you who may have missed it:


  1. Love this little glimpse into your world, and the non-glimpse into the bathtub...


    I've been dreaming of taking a hot bath for a couple of days now, but we have house company, so it's not too convenient, but before the week is out I plan on running the hot water, getting in that tub, pouring in some Dead Sea Salts, and soaking until the water is no longer piping hot...

    Looks like the snow finally caught up with you, your neighbor is clearly enjoying the weather !

    Now I'll stop typing so that you can get back to that crossword puzzle, and to your toast and tea...

    Smiles to you...

  2. Still feels like a winter wonderland for me. How nice to see. And yes, there's probably nothing more honest and real than bread.

    Years since last I saw snow, solving a crossword puzzle, sitting in a bath ...

    Please have a great Wednesday.

  3. How sweet of that little African Violet doing its best to cheer you up by producing those lush purple flowers and, hopefully, making you forget for a while, the stark whiteness outside.

  4. You've managed to make me nostalgic for snow!! (Not so much in the shoveling photo, but the desk with the beautiful windowful of snow...) Happy new year, Louciao!

  5. I just loved this.. those boys ... look at those young faces.. if they only knew where it would all go.. better not to know before hand..

  6. A little background music never hurts...



  7. Totally Kewl-io Miss Brain...
    Will I receive photo royalties for the snow shoveling pic...just kiddin'...as mayor of the hill I realize and accept that photo opportunities are part of the weight of my reign over the Pound-Dumb... I mean king-dumb ... I mean.. oh you know what I mean... mucho smiley-o's

  8. Owen,
    I'm sure your house guests will be happy if you do manage to bathe sometime this week.
    And would those be Grateful Dead Sea Salts that you're using?

    Tea, toast, and a crossword puzzle. Yes, indeed, let the good times roll.

  9. Robert,
    I admit, the snow is pretty to observe from indoors, and when the sun is out and the wind is down, it can even be enjoyable to venture out into the white world.

    May you find many pleasures in the new year to replace those you have lost.

  10. Shirl,
    That African violet just never lets up! Since we moved it to the sunroom it's in constant full blossom. In fact, the cyclamen and Christmas cactus are also in bloom right now, so they all add a lovely warmth and exoticism to the winter whites (not to say winter blues...not yet, anyway).

  11. jann,
    Oh how I long for the time when I, too, will be nostalgic for snow!

    Felice Anno Nuovo!

  12. Gwen,
    I know! How sweet, eh? And they were billed, even then, as such "bad boys." I'm sure they wouldn't have believed what lay in store for them, even if a seer had been able to predict it...but I doubt they regret any of it. Well, Brian Jones might have.

  13. BrOwen,
    That was AWEsome! I had to listen/watch it twice in a row. And for the first several minutes, I'm going, "Is that?...Could it be?...That sure does look like Pete Townsend!" Wow. Very fine.
    Thanks, my friend.

  14. Don,
    Shhh! Not everyone knows that I'm Miss Brain. But neither do they necessarily know the alter-ego of the mayor of Pound Hill; or those that know his alter-ego do not necessarily know that he is the mayor of Pound Hill. If you follow my drift...it's right next to the one you wer shovelling.

  15. G&M crossword, you too? We came close to completing ours with the help of the neighbors but a couple of clues remain victorious.

    We had trouble eating all our Christmas bread. Loaf is loaf and not fade away.

  16. DCW,
    My G&M xword is languishing. I fear the newsprint may turn yellow and brittle before I get back to it, but I'm about 3/4 through, with a few gaping holes to be plugged.

    Live, laugh, loaf and be happy!

  17. Oh wonderful, Lynne, love this post very much! (Visions of you in the bath tub with Keith aside)...wishing you all the best of everything for 2011. Thanks for being there. xx (or as my WV would have me say "oragats")

  18. Saj,
    The very best of oragats to you for 2011!

  19. Happy New Year to you - a lovely glimpse into your life!!

  20. i'm always fascinated by the world(s) behind what one sees, in this case your blog, and words, and photos and art - I loved getting a glimpse behind, too, especially your studio!

    ps one forgets that the rollings stones were ever that young...

  21. Catherine,
    Thanks for stopping by. I hope you're feeling better. Perhaps some tea and toast here would go down well?

  22. Manuela,
    I almost forget that I was once that young!

  23. this post has made me very happy! how precious, these glimpses into another's world, these moments of love and quiet and creation and beauty shared like this, what a miracle! how a house becomes like a second body to us, a mysterious centre of one's life...

    (on a related note, i think there is no sorrow a long hot aromatic bath cannot cure mmm)

  24. Roxanna,
    The home, the environment we create to retreat into, to revel or relax in, to invite others into or hide away alone...it says so much about one's self. Yes, like the body, it is a carapace for the soul...but can be shed and recreated many times within one lifetime. A wonderful haven that can easily become a gilded cage.