Thursday, April 1, 2010


The Madlynne has landed

with a good tail wind
and much flapping of wings.


  1. Oh dear, maybe I'm reading this wrong, but I'm not sure we want to know about winds from the tail, either good or bad, nor the flapping of wings to diffuse or defuse them...
    Speaking of which, did you ever hear of, or perhaps even read Benjamin Franklin's classic book "Fart Proudly" ??? If not, it's one to add to the reading list... a giant !

    Glad to hear you arrived safely, whatever the clouds you may have left behind...

    Have a mighty fine weekend, but no beans please...

  2. Oh crap. I smelled that one coming a mile off as soon as I'd blurted out this post. Should have known it would be the sensitive toad who'd catch wind of it and blow it all out of proportion. That's what I get for shakin' my tailfeathers, I guess.

    You sound pretty full of beans yourself, especially for a crash test dummy toad.

    What a gas you are, Owen.

  3. Thank you.

    It's now close to half past three in the morning and I could hardly keep me mouth closed due to for sure are able to change mood, not only by the entries, but also through this "commen section".
    Wishing you a wonderful time and a nice Good Friday as well.

  4. is this the museum in Vancouver at UBC - if so I have been and loved it many years ago - I liked the fact that the medals for the winter olympics were haida designs by a native artist - they looked really cool...

  5. Am always full of beans and grit and sawdust, that's what crash test dummies are made of, right ?

    Glad to hear you had a good flight and arrived safely, will be looking forward to hearing about your adventures in the wild West...

    And pardon my gaseous shenanigans, I know that was uncouth and unkempt of me, but toads are often a bit rough around the edges... I couldn't resist...

    So where's that Saj... she's been done gone quiet on us again... I hope work is not getting in the way of her blogging as it is for this camper...

    Will you be doing some painting out there ?

    An excellent weekend to you, big sis...

  6. Hi Robert,
    I'm happy if you're happy! I do enjoy the shenanigans that go on in my comment boxes. They are a great source of mirth and merriment for me. No deep thinking here! I also always appreciate getting your attention, comments, and best wishes. It makes me smile to think of you laughing at 3 in the morning. :-)

  7. BrOwen,
    My dear gasbaggy friend and ether brother (ie. brether; though not to be confused with a heavy brether; as in the song, "he aint heavy, he's my brether"). It is very kind of you to take the time from your busy schedule of croaking and crashing (rather than crashing and croaking, which is a completely different kettle of toads and one we wouldn't wish to consider)to leave such long-winded comments in this airspace.

    As for our beloved Sister Saj, I imagine she was having a bit of turbulence as she tried to fly in here to leave a light-hearted comment or two, but that she will no doubt be wafting in from the road for the weekend. One can only hope, and continue bravely imbibing until she resurfaces.

    To answer your question about painting: No.

    At the moment the Wild West Coast has returned to its normal state of Wet Coastness. Time for rubber boots and big brollies...nevertheless, the flowers and greenery look beautiful against the cold, dark, grey skies.

    Looks like the Easter bunny had best wrap his chocolate eggs in plastic before hiding them out here so that they don't dissolve in the rain. Will you be engaging in some sort of Easter pagan family ritual?

  8. Had to return, still thinking about the title, wich can also be read as "why we are".
    Probably a bit strange, yet thought it fits just well into the season of spring and its happiness - taking this probably as a month motto. Please have a nice start into the weekend and a wonderful Easter celebration as well.
    (Sorry about the "thinking", yet it wasn't too deep, just wouldn't go away, merci.)

  9. Robert,
    Now it's my turn to laugh. First of all, considering YVR as a symbol that questions our very existence (perhaps the Vancouver International Airport could use that in their advertising campaigns), then your apology for the not too deep thinking. I am grinning with delight! Thanks for adding a little class to the joint.

  10. Ah ha, so a little class is needed ?!? LOL !

    Listen, just dropped back in because I thought you might enjoy a piece just posted at A Majority of Two, which happens to be a Vancouver blogger, you may want to try to look her up while you're out that way, here :

    I couldn't help but think of you and our little breezy exchange just above, because her post was titled, "Who Has Seen the Wind"... Apparently there's been a bit of a windstorm blowing out there ??? Well, stay safe, and don't light any matches out doors ! All hell could break loose.

    Now, I'll head back to my doghouse, maybe sister Saj will drop by to toss me some scraps, please let me know when it's ok to come out...

  11. Yeesh, I didn't realize just what a stir my tailwind would blow up when I came breezing into town!

    Don't come out of that dog house just yet, BrOwen--it truly is windy and stormy here. There have been reports of falling trees, power outages, etc. etc., and I am watching white caps out on the briny. But we are cozy and warm as we await a roast beef dinner here at home. I'll have my mother bring you out a bone when she braves the wind to step out for a smoke in the appropriately named breezeway between the house and garage.

    Oh, maybe I'll relent: "Come in she said, I'll give ya shelter from the storm." But I aint kissin' no toads!

  12. LOL !

    oh, and WV is : boofo

    A good name for a clown, or a toad, as in bufo toads :

    Bufo toads are the ones with psychoactive venom, which some claim is hallucinatory... known also as bufotoxin...
    Brought to you by your local toad lover's society !

  13. Oh dear, I see things have gotten a bit wiffy in my absence! Gald you're home safe and sound, you'll note I kept an eye on your cellar while you were away.....

  14. Boffo comment, Mr. Toad. But enough of your buffoonery. Go don your new plush zebra lounging bottoms: It's quite unseemly for you to be hopping about in the toady buff!

  15. Saj!
    Happy to see that you finally blew in (just don't blow into that breathalyzer tube anytime soon, after keeping such a good eye on my wine cellar!) It hasn't been that wiffy around here; it's just that Mr.Toad got himself all puffed up and windbaggy and let loose with a few iffy comments and fartitious remarks, bless his warty little hide.

    But here, Saj, have this big SNIFFter of cognac and relax a tad (not to be confused with toad) after your long stint on the road. Welcome back.


  17. Well, blow me down...look who just blew black into the breezeway of my comment box, playing an airy tune from the mists of long ago and far away. It's more than a summer breeze happening here, bro, but at least the flowers are managing to cling to their branches. I keep meaning to blog about them...but you know...I'm just sort of floating along, drifting along, farting around really.

    WV: platicsm
    a cross between a platitude and a criticism made by a preschooler, held together with a large wad of plasticene and vaguely resembling a platypus.

    "She blew my nose and then she blew my mind."
    "The answer my friend is blowin' in the wind" well as this good witchy woman on her brroooom stick...blasting off to Seattle on Tuesday, but who knows what might transpire tomorrow, Monday Monday.

    air kisses! mwah mwah!