Sunday, April 11, 2010

Sightseeing in Seattle

When one is travelling it is best to take precautions so as not to be caught short.  Two honey buckets are preferable, a his'n and a her'n.

I have a tendency to feel slightly wired when I visit a big city.

This pointy building was the tallest one in North America until it was not.  Notice the short wannabe structure in front, mirroring its big brother.  Not sure whether it's rising from the street or sinking back into it, or if it's just a trick of perspective.

Window gazing makes me feel warm and fuzzy, and sometimes as if I'm seeing spots before my eyes.

Okay, there's definitely something fishy going on here.

I'm feeling that it must be time for a spot of liquid refreshment.  Say, is that The Sagittarian I see beckoning to me from the window?  (Don't worry, Saj, I'll never tell!)


  1. So good of you to supply the honey buckets, those most aptly named contrivances... will have to find a photo of one dangling on a cable from a helicopter I have somewhere... people had to shinny down the cable in flight if they needed to go... well, you've never seen a helicopter with built in toilets have you ???

    Hi Saj ! nice to see you waving from that window with your blue wig in hand !

    As for being wired in the big city, I'd be wired too, looks like the sort of neighborhood where junkies and dealers hang out... Now what were you doing there, anyway ??? Very fishy indeed...

    Which brings me to the WV, which, believe it or not is "trypot"... is that what you were there for ??? No, I'm sure you never did... or maybe like Bill Clinton... ?!
    You don't have to address that issue...

  2. honey bucket?? that is the first time I have ever heard them call that - some great views on Seattle - a city that is so on my list to visit. Greetings from Mexico!

  3. Dear Louciao, hope everything is fine with you all. One for sure is able to say, that you do see differently.
    Being on me own a bit away, agree that one tends to see what else wouldn't have been sighted.
    Having understood this "misterious lookout for relief-places" found me one too (soon), however it was stationary and without any doors...

    Being reminded of Gozilla a few days ago, it might be a trace of him, stepping down the fence on his way towards finding a few toys. Playful as well to see such architecture. One wonders what will be seen, if Gozilla pulls that house out of the ground.

    Speaking of spots, saw and felt even a bit of rain and agree with you that dry sunshine is much better a choice; as it might be a Martini to swim in until fish will come to carry me home.
    Wishing you a wonderful start into the new week and many more beautiful things to see.

  4. BrOwen,
    I can't help but wonder how it is that you are so quick to recognize a neighbourhood where junkies and dealers might hang out.
    It is, however, also the same sort of low-rent area where interesting art galleries can be found. That's the reason I was wandering those mean streets, and I'm almost sure that's why you're so familiar with such scenes yourself.

    WV: feepings
    A weepy sort of feeling
    one experiences when listening to overly sentimental songs

    eg. "Feepings, nothing more than feepings, Trying to forget my feepings of love"...

  5. Ola Catherine!
    I was pretty amused by the appellation of the outhouses in transit myself! If you called a honey bucket by any other name would it smell as sweet?

    Seattle is a fun place to visit, but I rarely get to see much of the city as we go there to hang out with longtime friends at their house. This time we got to do a bit of gallery hopping as an added bonus.

  6. Greetings Robert,
    Things are very fine with me out here, visiting family and old friends. We even experienced a bit of sunshine over the last couple of days. Glad to see you understand my point about dry weather vs wet--and I do like your idea of swimming in a dry martini! I think it's all those olives in the martini swimming pool that are causing us to see spots before our eyes.

    Finding "relief" in a city is not always evident as honey buckets are scarce there.

    I didn't see any further evidence of Godzilla, other than the mangled fence. I suspect that he had stepped on the building that was half buried in the pavement in his mad quest to locate a suitably sized honey bucket for his own pressing needs!

    I hope you have a happy time, wherever you are. Thanks for making me smile.

  7. Feeping ? ? ?

    That's feeping excellent !

  8. Oh how I wish it was me in that window, it would be great to be in one place for a day!! Wonderful photos and very nice post too. My WV is 'bedle'......

  9. Saj,
    You can't keep a good woman down. I'm not sure what that means, or if it applies in any way to you, though.