Monday, February 8, 2010

Not Quite Rubik's Cube Blues

Fun times cubed.
(and it only took me 4 hours to solve the puzzle of the Photoshop cube)


  1. it's hip to be square

  2. Amazing! So, if I stay sober in the evenings you reckon I could do this too??

  3. What a wonderful proof that a³ + b³ = c³ does exist with only whole numbers.

    Please have a nice Tuesday you all.

  4. Saj,
    For this particular exercise, sobriety is definitely recommended! But you will assuredly require a good stiff drink once you're finished.

  5. Well, Robert, I'll just have to believe you because it's all Greek to me! Warm wishes to you, and many thanks for stopping by.

  6. Nice little ice cube you got there.

  7. Hi Shirl,
    Glad you like the frozen stiffs!

    WV: "yedle" A song yodelled by a yenta. Oy vay!

  8. It is said, that the known a² + b² = c² is only possible to be solved with whole numbers when it comes to two dimensions, e.g. 3² + 4² = 5².
    A very, very long time ago there was a person called Fermat who said that he did prove that it is not possible to do in 3-D, having whole numbers, i.e. 3,4,5 etc and not 3.44 or anything that is not whole.
    Saw these two people and it appeard to me, that this work of you could have only been done, while being "two" whole souls.
    A wonderful Wednesday for you all.
    p.s.: Sorry, for that excursion, it was only this what i saw.

  9. Robert, Thank you for that excursion into what you saw. A little glimpse into a rather amazing mind!
    I wish a Wonderful Wednesday, Terrific Thursday, and a Fabulous Friday all coming your way.