Thursday, January 7, 2010

Studio Views

This is the view from the back window in my studio.

This is the view from one of two side windows.

 My studio is on the second floor of the house.  Third, if you count the basement.  At one time, the house had been converted into a duplex, so there were two kitchens in it when we bought it.  I kept the upstairs kitchen for my studio, although it was our kitchen for about 7 years until we completely renovated the house.   I have everything in my work space, including the kitchen sink!

For details on this painting drop over to Ragzedge (luckily my studio blog's name is not Cliff!)
So, this is where I'm hanging out these days.  In fact, I should be there now!
See you later.  Maybe for a glass of wine?


  1. Brrrrrrrrrr.... that view looks downright CHILLY....

    I swear, all these winter scenes people are posting on various blogs are driving me to want to pack up and go somewhere warm until the winter is over... it is minus 10° C here tonight, I'm gonna go crawl under my quilt and spend the next 10 hours there...

    Hmmm, know of any desert islands in Southern Seas that might be warm this time of year ??? The idea is taking form...

  2. BrOwen,
    Don't we have a close relative who is basking in 30 degrees Celsius heat these days? She seems to have her finger on the pulse of attractive, abondonned real estate that's available...We could all be neighbours!

    Temperatures here are almost balmy at 0 today! Pavement exposed (roads, not sidewalks) so I am at least able to get out for a walk. However, NOT inspired to bring back pix for the blog. Still have snowy scenes from Montreal, though, so put on an extra sweater, Owen, and man up!

    BTW: I remember last winter, standing at the top of my driveway, yelling "I can't take another *#!$-ing winter like this!" And yet, here I am.

  3. Ah dear Lynne... chin up and soldier on, that's the British way... ah, you're not British... well, buckle up anyway... we'll get through it... but I keep having this recurring dream about sandy beaches and blue lagoons... it doesn't help that that naughty Saj keeps thumbing her nose at us with tales of 30° water... ooohhh the punishment shall be severe for such provocations !

    Well, hang in there, January, February, and March are wonderful months to stay in and go through all the old photos that have been piling up, and to double the output of bloggable material...

    Looks like this winter is going to be worse than last year... hang in there !

  4. BrOwen,
    Thanks for the encouragement. Actually, my mother's side of the family is British and I spent my formative years largely in the company of my English grand-and-great grandmothers. So I know a bit about stiff-uppers (to say nothing of corsets), at least in theory.

    It looks like you're having a bugger of a winter over there, relatively speaking, and you are my adopted relative. Here, it's just business as usual, and not as bad (so far) as some past. Harkening from more temperate climes, I just never managed to adapt.

    But yes, an excellent excuse to stay indoors and sift through piles of accumulated and unfinished STUFF. I would like to pack up the house and be ready to move at any given moment...but that means dealing with all the said STUFF. So many projects, so much procrastination.

    WV: "porde" "Listen, porde," she drawled to her blog-wrangling brother, "we're in this thing together!"

  5. Sorry, I couldn't help but overhear the conversation...we have sunshine today but it's only going to get to 19 (and it rained for Africa last night) - feeling better yet???

    I'll take a glass of wine tho' since you're WV 'storam" as in "Is the storam over yet??"

  6. oh, poor you, Saj, with that nasty 19 degree weather. Here, have an extra glass of wine to help you get through it. I'll just go put another log in the woodstove...