Saturday, January 9, 2010

Montreal Does Christmas

Some enchantments I wondered at...

It's sweet to see that children can still be entranced by animated department store windows.

Froggy went a-courtin' and took his brothers along.  I'm not sure what they have to do with Christmas, but they were front and centre of the Ogilvy window display.  Maybe because they're green(ish).  They remind me a bit of a certain blog brother of mine whom shall remain nameless (Mr. Toad).

The Christmas tree shape mimics church spires. 

It's oddly satisfying to see just how much clutter junk decorating one can cram into a tiny patch of front yard on a city street.

Santa is captured in a snow-globe and guarded by a unicorn!
You read it here first, with a picture for proof!


  1. Love these recent posts. Yes, I adore all the plastic decorations -such fun. I resolutely enjoy them on the grounds that everyone is entitled to do their own thing.
    I gave up being the good taste/minimalist police ages ago..............!
    Of course, I really liked the pristine view from your studio
    and the dog below....

  2. Hi Elizabeth,
    I must admit that I really enjoyed the decorating along the streets outside of people's apartments. Even the silly blow-up decorations had some sort of crazy charm there, being so disproportionate to their surroundings, I guess. I have a penchant for "tacky" ...just not in my own home (well, with a few exceptions, perhaps).

  3. I've got a feeling about that Unicorn... This picture tells a thousand words, and I can clearly see that he's guarding Santa for his own bubble-popping glee.
    You go, Uni!

  4. Oh and I loved your last photos too by the way, forgot to mention it and just decided to do so now. Your studio looks like a fab place to be whatever the season.

    The only concession I made to any type of house decoration this year was a red bell I hung on the front door. I just don't find it in me to do the snow scene stuff, it just doesn't happen down here!

  5. Lynne ! You are just something else again ! Mr Toad is blushing and stuttering and harumphing and galumphing and laughing a good belly laugh... Love all the kitsch you managed to catch here walking around in the cold short days of Montreal ! Evidently having a good old time, eh ?!

    And I loved your last two comments over at my place, I'm really happy you're still enjoying some of the assorted stuff I'm publishing these days... and love your thought process...

    So, how's about you and me and the Saj, my two virtual sisters, we get together for a good virtual drink and shoot the breeze in a virtual bar somewhere for a while ??? A hot dog and a beer sounds just fine by me...

    WV is rismak, which translated in french is, j'ai ri (I was laughing) and "smak", which is the noise of a big bisou !

  6. Having "eyes" in mind tonight, this entry of yours was for sure of interest !
    Agree totally with you about the ability children do own, gone a bit "out of reach" for us grown.
    Yet, it was me who bought a toy, mostly for children aged eight, just for me.
    Looking at my son playing is nearly as refreshing as a week long sleep...
    About the unicorn...still have it on me own, might get Wednesday until I'll find 17 syllable to explain it.
    Please have you all a wonderful new week.

  7. Hi David,
    Imagine the big bang our friend the unicorn will get out of releasing Santa when the time comes. What a gas! I imagine Santa whipping and whirling and snaking through the air just like when you let the air out of a balloon and release it. Whooppee!!

  8. Hi Saj,
    Glad you stopped by my studio and refrained from mentioning the bleakness of the season. Lovely to behold...from afar. I'm sure the best concession to Christmas decorations is the line of empties by the back door!

  9. BrOwen,

    :-D :-D

    That is me, beside myself with glee at your comment! Colour me tickled pink!

    A virtual bar for a virtual family get-together? Yessir! And bring your air guitar while you're at it. Saj and I will put on our dancin' shoes. I think we should have poutine, though, rather than hot dogs. Do you know of poutine?

  10. Robert,
    That is so delightful that you bought yourself a child's toy! What keeps us young (at heart, anyway) is being able to tap into, if not a sense of wonder at the world, at least a delight in the beauty, quirks, and surprises it has to offer. It's been a long time since I spent time in the company of a small child, but the years I devoted to being a mother were the richest of my life. I wouldn't trade those for all the other so-called necessities of life. I see from your blog that much of your day is spent with your son. What a treasure that is, and will be for you forever, no matter what happens in the future.