Sunday, December 13, 2009

Montreal-style Manga?

Would this wall art inspire you to walk through these doors to get your hair, make-up, and/or nails done?

That is, supposing you were the kind of person to do such a thing.


  1. Hair, Make-up, Nails Done?

    what's that???

    oh this life of being a Hermit.. look what I am missing out on...

    ps... I just can't do Manga! Part of my brain must be broke!!

  2. No siree, Bob -- that's one
    hairy looking place.

  3. Hi Gwen, Or should I say "fellow hermit"?
    I get my hair cut about every 6 months when it's beyond my hacking-off with scissors capability. I get it trimmed by our village mayor--how's that for prestige?!
    As for manicure, pedicure, facial, etc. -- not within my range of experience. There's a "spa" in a little house down the road from us where they perform such esoteric rites and they seem to be always busy. When I worked at the Rocks I noticed the big rage with the local girls were "French nails"--those long, squared-off fake things with super white tips. Ugh!

    As for manga--it's pretty much beyond my ken. Did it start with Pokemon? Pokemon meets Barbarella.

  4. Hi Shirl,
    I guess it's supposed to be "cutting edge" (pun intended)! You'll be interested to know that La Coupe is still going strong in the same place on Sherbrooke St. in Montreal.

  5. Hm am finally turning into my grandmother....that looks like it's been attacked by the graffiti sure I can see Owen lurking in a shopping trolley with his camera.....

  6. Ten years ago, when I still had hair, I might have dared to step inside. Nowadays, when it's cold, I wear a had, and tend to pass by these stores.
    A beautiful impression however of the way shops do 'call for customers' - how times has changed, hairstyle probably as well.
    Please have a nice new week.

  7. Well, Saj, the woman seems to be spewing blood and strangling a panda bear with one hand while handing out her business card with the other, so perhaps it's not such a bad thing to react in a grandmotherly fashion to the image. As long as you haven't reached the blue rinse with tight perm stage!

  8. I can't make up my mind, Robert, whether this store engaged someone to decorate their wall or some graffiti artist came by in the dead of night and left his calling card. It would certainly attract an edgier, younger sort of client. Compensation for not having much hair left is not waking up with "bed head"!
    A fabulous week to you, Robert, of making each day count.

  9. Hi Lynne !

    I might get my hair done in a place like this, but I'm not much for makeup or nail jobs, so I guess I'll pass on that part. Strange decorations for sure...

    Stay warm... maybe just a bit more gin in the tea will help ?

  10. PS how odd, the above comment went straight through as saved and visible, but two, or perhaps three comments on the post just below here went to "Comment will be visible after approval"... ok... are you checking your dashboard to see if there are comments awaiting your approval ??? Or did they get deleted by accident ? Or maybe on purpose because I said something silly in a drunken stupor the other night about how lovely the two ladies looked in the post a couple down now, and wondered who they were ? Ah, what a blathering idiot I am... especially when in my cups...

  11. Owen! I thought you had abandonned my simple little blog in a fit of something or other. Sanity, perhaps. But no, sanity is not your style. What was I thinking?

    And what do you mean by calling yourself a blithering idiot after referring to "how lovely the two ladies looked" two posts down! Is that a retraction? I do believe I prefer it when you post comments in your cups. That way it's rather like reading tea leaves. Here, pass me your cup and let me have a look...

    Speaking of blithering nincompoops, I vaguely recall having recently set things up for comments to be moderated if they came in a few days after the posting. Then never bothered checking the whaddya-callit for them. Oops! I'll change the setting back so all comments will appear when written. It's best that way because I'm all about instant gratification.