Monday, December 14, 2009


I'm feeling like an idiot!  I must apologise to those cherished blog friends who have recently left comments to which I failed to reply.  It wasn't that I was ignoring you, it was that I hadn't found them.  Clever clogs that I am, I had recently changed my blog settings so that any comments made 2 or more days after my posting appeared would have to be "moderated" by me.  I then never checked the place where such notifications appear.  So if you have been feeling slighted or ignored by me in the past week, it was purely unintentional on my part.  Tonight  I found  buried treasures from Owen, Saj, Driftwood, Gwen, Shirl and Anya, waiting for me to unearth and put up on my blog mantlepiece, framed in shiny new responses from moi.  I have reset the blog to immediately wing-up your cherished comments as soon as you have deciphered the mystery of the word verification.  In the future, if you do not have a response from me, it means that, yes, I am ignoring you!  But if your comment hasn't been deleted, it could also meant that I am secretly delighted and at a loss for words.  Or, unlikely though it may be, actually out somewhere doing something else not blog-related.


  1. Apologie accepted -- gee, I thought maybe my comments had wound up in the "bin". btw that Tea
    Cosy was not meant to be a
    Dunce Cap.

  2. I'm sorry, give me a tea cosy and I am compelled to put it on my head! You will be relieved to know, however, that I do not wear it in public; unlike our African friend who proudly sported the chicken-shaped tea cosy I gave him back to his village. In fact, I usually only don it once, upon its initial receipt. A kind of initiation ceremony.

  3. Dear Lynne, when I opened the page and first looked at the picture, I was thinking, "oh my god, she's lost it", but then I read... and see what kind thoughts there are there... ah, the strange world of blogging, and comments, and moderating, and immoderating, and answering, and posting, and composting, oh, it all makes my head spin sometimes... and here I was really wondering whether I'd even left a comment and thinking I thought I had but hadn't...

    When I want to put on a dunce cap sometimes I wear my underwear on my head, but I don't do it often, because family members tell me it really makes me look STUPID !

    Apologee accepted, and I didn't even feel slighted either...

  4. BrOwen,
    Oh, please,please...a picture of you with your underwear on your head! Just imagining it...I think I will be walking around grinning for the rest of the spite of the falling snow.

  5. PS. BrOwen:
    Does your tea-loving La Grenouille have a tea cosy for the teapot? If so, I advise you use this rather than your undies to place on your head. Your family will doubtlessly find it more acceptable. If your home is lacking in such a practical commodity, perhaps La Grenouille could knit or sew you your very own, as well as one for the pot.

    Or start using your gaunch for the tea cosy so that in times when you are moved to place it on your head, the family will be less appalled. "Oh, he's wearing the tea cosy again" will be a less horrified reaction than, "For the love of Dog, take your underwear off your head!"

    WV: "mistr" Lisn, mistr, I don't wanna see gaunch on yer head evr agin!

  6. Oh, lucky I have called back the Dinsdale boys so they won't be round to break your legs and nail your pelvis to the floor!!

  7. Dinsdale? That doesn't sound like an Italian name.