Friday, October 16, 2009

Science Worldish

One of the landmarks in Vancouver is the Science World dome. Inside are all sorts of activities and interactive gizmos for "kids of all ages." A good way for families to spend a rainy Sunday afternoon. But we weren't about to conduct any science experiments; I was taking my mother there for her first Omnimax experience. There are several presentations on this huge, curved screen but the one we went to see was about Vincent Van Gogh. Imagine, Vincent's paintings 20 feet high! (I don't know the actual measurement of the screen, but that seems like a good figure to bandy about).

While waiting for showtime, we sat outside (so my mother could smoke a cigarette) and watched the omnicrows perform their own routines, scavenging for cold fries and ketchup packets. Crows are supposed to be very smart and adaptable. They mate for life and can live up to 20 years, but most don't make it. They're also excellent mimics and are good at human face recognition. And they LOVE hangers for nest building, bending them to the female's body shape. Problem is when they decide to build the nest on live electrical wires. But I digress...

The Omnimax theatre is on the third floor of the dome. Shades of the Guggenheim, without the view as one plods ever upward. Getting up the 300 metres involves a lot of huffing and puffing. There are encouraging signs along the way, as well as dire warnings to not attempt the climb if you suffer from any heart or breathing problems. Did I mention my mother smokes? I feared I might be disinherited after making her go on foot rather than waiting another 20 minutes for the elevator to open. Metres and measurements are pretty meaningless to me, I'm afraid. There were a few model planes wending their way upward as well, but we were too big for them.

This is the film we saw. In the end, my mother was very impressed with the Omnimax film experience, but she was more interested in seeing the upcoming one on the life of beavers. Its tagline is "the biggest dam movie you'll ever see!" While the Van Gogh picture was entertaining, I don't really see the need to experience his painting as 20 feet high!

All around the city are cast fibreglass sculptures of whales and eagles that have been decorated by various "celebrities". This is an orca showing her true colours. Did I mention that magic mushrooms grow on people's front lawns here??


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