Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Granville Islandness

Ride from the north shore to downtown Vancouver on the Sea Bus.
Transfer to the 50 False Creek South bus and get off at the Granville Island stop.

 Walk past the marina

under the Granville St. Bridge and into an eclectic and colourful mix of arts, crafts shopping, food market, theatres, industrial sites, and the Emily Carr University of Art  and Design (which is not the purple building seen in this picture!)

( go here for a better look at the centre mask)

 and shop till you drop.


  1. Wow, you are certainly having a grand holiday! Love the masks, altho' it does look disturbingly like my daughter's teacher...
    That food market - divine! Bet all that walking about and sea air made you thirsty...

  2. Yes, thirsty! Had to hasten home to cook supper so held out for cider and wine chez nous. I was in a rush these past few days to get out while the sun was shining. Good thing, too, as the usual wet weather is now here. Not quite right for cider consumption, alas. Making do with wine.

  3. Very nice! My memories of Granville Island are driving a truck doing deliveries to what was then an industrial area. Big improvement.

  4. Hi, FCW--I'm glad to have stirred up some memories for you. Granville Island has still managed to maintain some degree of grittiness, though I don't recall noticing LaFarge trucks growling down the alleyways this time. It's a great place to wander, shop, eat, sight-see but it certainly helps to be well-heeled (and I don't mean just having good walking shoes!).

    I spent my last year of art school taking a couple of classes at Emily Carr (now University!) and loved feeling a part of the place, even in the rain.

  5. Now how come some folks get to have so much fun like this ??? I'm sure the Saj would agree with me that the next time you go galumphing off to a place like Vancouver, you send us all round trip tickets so we can all come from our various corners of the world and experience life, and drinking of cider or wine, first hand in Vancouver, with all the Vancouverettes and -rites... yup, next time we'll be counting on you... right Saj ?

    And believe it or not, my WV is "chargulp" as in we charged in and gulped down everything there was to drink in a five mile radius...

  6. PS, oh and bizarre, I couldn't leave a comment on the other post you slipped in there when I wasn't looking, wanted to say what a wonderful Orca it is... but I couldn't open the comments... so, you'll just have to imagine everything I might have said about the crows on the table and the orca fountain and all... but with an imagination like yours, I'm sure you'll be able to...

  7. Hello Owen! (I never realized how much like Hallowe'en your name can be. Spooky.)
    A "Vancouverette" you say?! Do I get to wear white boots with pom-poms and carry a baton with glitter on its top? Hmm, better make it gumboots and a brolly instead. I think you're getting the idea of why I like to come back for visits to my hometown.

    Re:PS--Owen, you snuck up on me when I was busy trying to rearrange my posts! That's why you couldn't leave a comment on the Orca one. But I have, indeed, telepathically received all the far-falutin', crazy-assed, uber-intelligent, rabidly off-coloured and neon flashing, freely radical additives that you deposited here at the foot of my blog praising it, my photos, my writing, my wit, my charm and my wiseacre ways. I humbly thank you.

    Now get out there and start having bake sales and car washes and bottle drives (Saj will have a head start there!) so you'll have enough money for the Great Vancouver Blog-In next year at my mother's house!

  8. Hi Lou
    thanks for this informative and colourful walk, ride around Vancouver..the fruits look very enticing...
    Happy days