Thursday, October 22, 2009

My Room With a View

I'm still enjoying the view from my bedroom window, even though the clouds have rolled in and the freighter that was here during first week of my visit has rolled out.

In the course of a day, the sky changes and, with it, the mood.
We've had some good downpours lately. I love the sound of the rain beating on the roof above my bedroom during the night, or the fading wail of a train passing on the other side of the inlet.
These pictures from my old room are as close to the outdoors as I've gotten these past two days.
By the way, that little island you see in the second picture is for sale. There's a house on it as well. I believe the asking price is $2,000,000.00 CDN. Anyone want to chip in with me and get it as a bloggers and friends refuge? And by chip in, I basically mean buy it for me!


  1. I'll check my pocket for change and we'll see what we can do about that Island.

    It brings back a distant memory of an oasis in my young life when I was taken under the wing of a family who owned a cottage on Indian Arm accessible only by water. The access was provided by a little inboard motorboat which made for adventure on stormy summer days.

    The term "under the wing" is appropriate because the father of the family was squadron leader of the Golden Hawks, the first Canadian Air Force aerobatic team. I was very impressed by this.

  2. I'll totally come visit.

  3. FCW--Yes, indeedy--get that pocket change all rolled up and trade it in for the island. Maybe one of the people who live on this side of the water will allow you to moor your boat there, no doubt for a nominal fee of several thousand dollars, when you need to come to shore for groceries and the like.

    There is a large "suburb" up the inlet that gets in and out with the Deep Cover water taxi. Kids in Clea's grade school when we lived here used to have to take it to get to and from school.

    Do you also remember the heavy cloud cover and relentless winter rains? Nevertheless, I prefer that to 5 months of snow and ice, sunshine or not!

    You can take the girl out of the west (kicking and screaming)...

  4. C--but that would still entail flying to Vancouver! Maybe it's not so far from Colorado (wink! wink!)

  5. I've always wanted to live on an Island (well, ok so I do anyway but you know what I mean...), I'll totally have a whip round next time I'm down at the pub and see how much we come up with.
    A blogger refuge, I'll drink to that!

    WV=foccle as in the foccle be pleased to see me go...

  6. Saj, I hope you can come up with enough spare change down at the pub. Hereabouts, the foccle be totally pleased to see you!

    WV: "Crarch" As in, "His wife hated it when he scrarched his crarch in public."