Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Hot Breath

A Burning Bush speaking in fiery tongues.
I hope its comments aren't too inflammatory for you.


  1. Lynne ! What on earth did you say to it to make it blush like that ?!?

    PS WV is "fiazoi", as in, "On her travels Lynne had learned to swear sometimes in an obscure dialect of Siberian Russian, and was sometimes heard exclaiming "Fiazoi" loudly when her photograph turned out fuzzy and she had to shoot it again..." (not to be confused with "Fiazio", which I almost typed just now, which is a form of Italian farce turned fiasco, sort of like what is happening in some workplaces around the world today after over a year of major stress...)

  2. Burning bush? You know you can get pills for that eh?

  3. Saj!
    Your comment made laugh so hard I had a coughing fit!

    Glad to see you found your way clear of the alcohol-doused and soused footwear that was littering up your own comment box. Wherever you've been sleeping it off, it's done you a world of good.

    Fiazoi! things are in a bit of a fiazio around here with this stuffy head cold situation I'm suffering.

    Fiazoi!fiazoi!fiazoi!--scusi mi...just had a sneezing fit.

    I do believe you're speaking from your own personal experience of workplace fiazio? But fiazoi, man, it's nearly time for your 2 fiazoi weeks of fiazoi holidays!

  4. Enclosure with mouth
    And its tongue, tracing
    Gustative nerves

  5. Careful not to burn your tongue, Robert!