Friday, September 18, 2009


Follow me to the neighbours for a little trip down the garden path .

See the fence.

See the fence after you drink this glass of Kool-Aid.

Isn't this knotty!

Yes, but this is nuttier.

An old castiron woodstove awaits cooler weather.

It begns to glow in anticipation of fire!

A scrap of old paper.

Or a brilliant piece of found art?
The way we view the world is coloured by our thoughts.
(or sometimes by Photoshop.)


  1. Hi di hi, I wasn't sure it was "Kool Aid" you'd been drinking...and did a double take at the knot of wood! You agent provocateur you!!
    Loved the other pix, clever clogs.
    Our thugby team played well and won last night, so am having a wee drink of cider. Later tonight the All Blakcs play Australia - anyone's guess what will happen there! Cin cin.

  2. oooh, we won. ha. Wallabies=wannabies.

  3. Hi Saj,
    That's the "Electric Kool-Aid Acid Test" type of beverage I was serving up for our garden tour, a fine vintage left over from the 1960's. But optional libations are also availabe, cider being an excellent choice to tiptoe round the sights.

    Go team go! The best thing about rugby, for me, is seeing the All Blacks do their war dance at the beginning. Pierre's a big football fan (Cdn.) but I'm sports-challenged in every category, way,shape,or form.

    And I do understand that watching a game requires liquid refreshment to enhance the experience. But then, what doesn't?

    Cheers! (and jeers to the Australian team, on your behalf)

  4. Such stunning pictures as ever.

  5. Thanks so much, Elizabeth! I feel like that's high praise, indeed, coming from you as I am always so impressed by your photos.

    What would I do without Photoshop?

  6. Mind-warming pictures, to say the least, that I'd like to put into the stove, melting them into a meal called life.

    Wonderful photography/thoughts as well. A weekend filled with colour and art for you.

  7. You're having too much fun with Photoshop! I did recognize the "gamma" effect, the one on kool-aid. The hot stove is as good as Saj's Ernie under the effect! Is that gazebo really there? I would love to have one like that. LOVE xxox

  8. Hi Robert, What a great idea, to put our thoughts on sticks and purify them in the fire then eat them up like toasted marshmallows!

    A soft and cozy weekend to you!

    Hi Margaret,
    I admit, I'm a Photoshop addict! So much I don't know about it, though...imagine if I had full command of the tools. Yikes--scary! I think an intervention would be required.

    Yes the gazebo is really there. My neighbour is very creative with stones, and wood, and metal...and his wife inspires him with ever new ideas to enhance her garden.

  9. Dear Mad-Lynne, I swear I started to leave a comment a bit earlier but when I started trying to type each keystroke became a reverberating drum beat and my screen disolved into a burning bonfire and suddenly I was there a hundred thousand years ago with a tribe of drum beating fire lighting moon worshipping hominids who grunted heartily at my arrival and started trying to paint my face the same way some of your images here have been transformed... oh my gosh, think that kool aid was a little on the strong side... it took me a few hours to get back to this side of the doors of perception, and in the meanwhile, I see Amanda has been here making a ruckus as usual... and over rugby at that ! Well, I guess any excuse is good...

    For me tonight it was getting out to see some extraordinary guitar playing by a few guys who are part of group called Selmer 607, which is the type of guitar played by Django Reinhardt... manouche jazz... they're even on YouTube (who isn't, shucks, even our cat is on YouTube, under "Funny Cat Drinking Water") Anyway, one nice piece performed by Selmer 607 is here :

    Oh, what a wonderful world..

  10. All Lynne's friends are welcome for tea in the garden, but please bring your own kool-aid.

  11. Welcome back to the present day, Owen:
    So pleased to hear you enjoyed your garden trip. I thought I heard some howling and yipping last night but had attributed it the coyotes down on the marsh, celebrating a fresh kill.

    Given your toady alter-ego, I cannot help but wonder if you inadvertently (or perhaps deliberately) licked your own skin and were thus transported into an hallucinogenic state, as described in this brief quote from CBC News:

    "The toads achieved notoriety worldwide in the 1980s because their poison can have hallucinogenic properties, giving rise to unsubstantiated rumours that bands of Australian teenagers were licking the toads or smoking their dried skins to get a cheap high — and sometimes dying from it."

    Could be useful for getting you through those long night time hours at work!

    I heard through the jungle drums that the tribe annointed you with the name "Dances With Cats."

    Am glad you came down in time to get to the Selmer 607 concert! Good stuff. Must have eased your existential pains considerably. I'm not fond of the tune "It's a Wonderful World" but really dug their rendition of "I'll See You In My Dreams." With such good close-ups of the fingering, I'm sure you'll have the lead part down in no time on your own guitar!

    Saj and I will look forward to hearing you play at our next "tea party."

  12. Dear Anonymous:
    I warn you now, some of my friends can get a bit rowdy!

  13. Hmmm, licking my own toad-skin... may have to give that a try...

    So, you've been having tea parties ? Were you at the one in Washington there recently ? Or the one in Boston a couple of centuries back ? So you're willing to put me on the bill for a tea party concert sight unseen and unheard ??? That could be a risk...

  14. Owen,
    "Tea party" is clearly a euphemism. It is a sort of "euphemasia" (wherein we put ourselves out of our miseries by dainty sipping or tippling). After a few cups of "tea," (note the quotation marks which indicate "euphemism in use") we are in need of some sort of auditory distraction/entertainment to relieve the ringing in our ears. It is my hope that a toady guitar player might provide welcome, if not comic, relief.