Tuesday, September 15, 2009

The Big Squeeze

I'm feeling a little SQUASHed! 
(Insert groan here _____ )

Or better yet, all hail Jack the Pumpkin King (the Pumpking) with the Pumpkin Song: (I'm raising a toast to Jack right now, in fact).

I know it's a bit early for topics Halloweeny but I happened to be in town today and there was a large display of pumpkins for sale  outside the grocery store and I, for once, had my camera with me.  And pumpkins are one of those inevitable signs of autumn putting the squeeze on summer n'est-ce pas?


  1. Ah, Hallowe'en! The gourd, the bad and the ugly!

  2. FCW--Just when I thought I had all the puns for the occasion covered (a ghoul can dream can't she?)you untie the Gourdian knot on your trick-or-treat bag and a few more come tumbling out, along with the candied road apples and bruised Halloween kisses!

    My "word verification" for this post is "sestort" which I believe is a group of six lawyers who have formed a jazz combo? Perhaps you know them.

  3. Oh we don't do the Halloween thing here, inspite of the retailers doing their best to make us believe it is a Kiwi thing!

    I do love that squashed up pun'kin tho'!

    And MY WV is punjuder...a thing that you have to slow down to avoid puns?

  4. Feeling myself being squeezed to the last drop would like to have a size of a pumpkins head.
    Thanks for the Song !

  5. Ooh, I did see your arm getting squished in that pumpkin display, didn't I?!
    That video was really cool! I saw a French guillotine in it, my WV, for a machine that slices up pomegranates to make grenadine. Oh, well! Yours were better!

  6. Saj, I'll have to invest in one of those punjuder gizmos!

    No one ever comes to our house for Halloween so I make sure to buy some tasty choclate treats that we can eat when nobody shows up. I drove to the village liquor store last Halloween and was absolutely shocked to see the other side of the village teeming with kids out trick-or-treating. Street lights and houses are a bit scarce at our end of the village...plus there's our abandonned house next door. We keep hoping someone would burn it down but those damn raccoons haven't figured out how to use matches yet. Though they can manage to get the lid off a garbage can weighted down with bricks, metal bars, and tied with bungie cords!

    What were we talking about?

  7. Robert, Are you back at school teaching? Is this why you're feeling squeezed dry? Soon it will be the weekend and you can have a nice bottle of wine to relax and unwind. Glad you enjoyed the song.

  8. Hi Margaret,
    My arm is intact! I was in no way harmed by the pumpkins while attempting to take their picture. I think the one in the middle is halfway to being pie. Half-baked and pie-eyed comes to mind. You bring out the "poet" in me by your mere presence!

    I lived in Granada, Spain for 3 months at one point in my life. It may have been the first time I ate a pomegranate but that bit of my Spanish memory has faded a bit.

  9. Oh my, well I'll just be an orange-o-tang's uncle... squashed flat by the weight of pumpkins... this is like Christmas decorations that go up at Thanksgiving, but that's ok, any reason to celebrate seasons is fine by me... now where's your black cat ??? Hiding in my black boots I'll wager...

  10. That's funny--comparing this premature Halloween blog to Xmas decorations going up at Thanksgiving! But it's all about pumpkins, man! Even Lola over in Italy posted pumpkins tonight! It's the done thing, man: get with the program!

  11. I nearly had the answer and I forgot your question!

  12. I hope it wasn't the answer to the meaning of life. Or how to shed 15pounds without doing anything.

  13. We don't get any "punk-kins" banging on the door, either -- could be the
    "Beware of Dog" sign in the window.

  14. Such fun.
    I saw some early pumpkins too.
    I usually like to wait for October.

  15. Hi Anonymous,
    The "Beware of Dog" sign does discourage one, plus the recording of furious savage barking that plays when someone pushes the doorbell!

  16. Hi Elizabeth,
    I enjoyed viewing the "fruits of your labours" today over at your blog as well! I haven't actually bought a pumpkin for a number of years now. I remember when we first moved here being amazed that they sell for $2 each for good sized ones.