Friday, August 21, 2009


1. to remove or separate
2. (usually passive) to retire into seclusion

Or sometimes that's just the way it feels.


  1. Having visited more countries than fingers on my hands, I've seen many doors. Something that I learned was, that many times, behind them, there are gardens, an oasis, beautiful live, where one would expect it the least.
    Impressive photography! Worth to be written books about.
    Please have a nice weekend.

  2. Your words are soothing, Robert. Sometimes the caged bird sings, yes.

    What is being kept out; what is being kept in; and who holds the key?

    My photos allow me to travel back and look again at sights I might otherwise have forgotten. I'm happy that you like them--you who have travelled so far.

  3. I saw a poster once which was made up of photos of Irish doors!

  4. I saw a poster of a row of colourful doors in St.John's, Newfoundland! Maybe it's the same poster and companies just stick differnet city names on it and no one knows the diff!

  5. I mean, I wasn't in St.John's when I saw the poster, the poster doors were supposed to be in SJ, Nfld.!

    So it must be Tuesday already down your way--where's the tipple? I could use a nightcap.

  6. the trouble with a nightcap is it can muck up your hair if you don't get it right!!

  7. Yeah, but then you don't have to bother with mousse in the morning.