Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Out of Order

If you want me, I'll be in the bar...er...my studio. Will be posting new work on my Ragzedge blog over the next few days...hopefully...


  1. Oh here I am....you did say bar, didn't you? I'll go and whick up a "bevvy" for you then shall I? Oh dear, my WV for today is Slimbox!
    Now then, that drink...a Casablanca I believe...30ml Bacardi, 90ml pineapple juice (see it's even healthy!!), 30ml cocnut cream, 15ml grenadine, ice. Blend that lot until smooth and slide it into the biggest glass you can find. See you in the studio then! :-)

  2. Just exactly what I need, Saj! I just hope I don't glue my fingers to the glass. Or stick my paintbrush in it by mistake. Cheers! (I wasn't really here...don't tell anyone!...I'm really in my studio...yes...)

  3. Hmmm, hope the two of you will behave yourselves over at the bar ! See you soon, once the hangovers have worn off... left you just a tiny little note on post just below at long last...
    Cheers !

  4. Ah, Owen, my beamish boy, your wee comment on the post below, well, 'twas brillig! I'm happy to hear that you're not only galumphing about but gyring and gimbling in the wabe along with your beloved slithey toves! Obviously you are feeling very mimsy in the borogrove, which makes me exceedingly outgrabe!

    Of course I will deliver your lobster-trapped (that's what the curved frames are), bubble-wrapped (free of charge) painting into your snicker-snack hands when I'm there for my Paris vernissage. We shall all drink champagne together and smash our empty glasses down.

    Am very relieved to hear that you have a Big Yellow Towel to lie on. (Didn't Joni Mitchell write a song about it?)

    I am slightly alarmed to learn that you have been galumphing under the covers for 9 hours at a stretch and am a bit concerned about how La Grenouille can handle this...but it is rather too intimate, even for the likes of these "comment boxes of eternal delights," to ponder at any great length (no puns intended, if you happen to see any anywhere...)

    Enjoy the rest of your frabjous days at the beach, far from the frumious clutches of the blogswamp!

  5. Haha, I was aghast at the 9 hr galumphing marathon as well. I am a tad disappointed that my invitation to Paree appears to have got lost in the mail...however, I'll (sniff) get (sniff) over it. (sniff)

  6. Saj--stop crying in your cocktail! The Paris gallery hasn't sent out the official invitations yet and you are on the Super-Elite-Honoured-Guest list! Plus you should know by now that if there's any sort of party afoot you are automatically included: no need to waste sipping time by having to issue a formal invitation (you taught me that!)

  7. Oh, and Saj...what about that 9-Hour Owen, eh!? No wonder La Grenouille was having a nap on the beach!

    (my wv is "satifico"...seems somehow appropriate)


  8. Oh I feel much better now that we have cleared up that invitation matter! :-) and 9 hours! Indeedy, no wonder they are on holiday for a month!!

  9. Dearest Lynne and Saj,
    Oh dear oh dear oh dear, how dreadful, how simply awful, it appears that there has been a misconstrued verb; I'm afraid we're going to have to organize a return trip for you both to the Lewis Carroll finishing school for poetic definitions.... I can assure you most wholesomely that in the referenced usage, the verb "to galumph" is defined clearly as "to sleep profoundly, while possible emitting deep breathing noises, perhaps and occasional snore, whilst dreaming the loveliest of dreams and experiencing rapid eye movement". The verb "to galumph" used in the context of being under a quilt on a good mattress in a vacation house at the beach in Brittany has no, I emphasize, no other meanings whatsoever... oh me, oh my, I wonder what on earth you both could have possibly been thinking in terms of nine hour bouts of anything other than the deepest and sweetest of sound sleeps ???

    Ah, the joys of blogging ! You two are too much.

    Now, all this typing is making me a right thirsty sod... where's that dogigliano chianti or whatever it was ??? I'd even settle for some Asti Spumante... well chilled of course !

    Just saw a lovely movie you might enjoy if you haven't already... Keeping Mum...

    See you soon ! I'm off for another 8 hours or thereabouts of galumphing under the quilt with the lights out !

  10. Aah, galumphing in the dark. Thanks for clearing up the grammatical misconception for us, O. Can't say if I'm more relieved or disappointed to find this out. Will probably help the Saj and I to be a little less giddy when we meet up with you at my Paris vernissage, at least.

  11. I'm disappointed, however I'm sure the Paris thingywhatsit will more than make up for that! What time do we leave, what shall I wear...does this glass my ass look big???
    Haha, my WV - pressban

  12. Ha ha ha--you are so funny! As far as what is the most size-enhancing glass to use, I think "the bigger the glass, the smaller the ass" is a good rule to go by.