Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Riffing on the Echinacea

The Echinacea blooms in the yard may be fading but I've preserved a few by transplanting them to the Photoshop Garden.

This acrylic painting, done by yours truly some years ago as part of my Flowers For Healing series, has a "touchy-feely" heart. I cut up chenille yarn into tiny bits and glued them into the centre of the flower. It hangs in our kitchen, always the heart of a house; a perfect place for soothing cups of tea or energizing mugs of coffee over a warm chat with a good friend.
Come on over, the kettle's on!
(Hmmm...maybe this posting should have gone up over at my Ragzedge art blog. I'm getting confused about what to put where. Maybe we need to start a lively discussion on "What Is Art." Gah!! Not without The Sagittarian serving up some liquid inspiration...something a little stronger than the tea or coffee I first suggested.


  1. This comment has been removed by the author.

  2. Oops, had major spelling issues so deleted my fist attempt. It wasn't rude or owt.
    Lovely pictures, I haven't got Photoshop and just use a common ol' PC thingy to get basic effects for my photos. Do you have to buy Photoshop? Can you tell I have Scottish ancestry?

    I'm thinking a Champagne Charlie for the kitchen bash...15ml of apricaot brandy and top it with chilled champagne! Here's yours, lets have a quick drink before owen turns up and starts the raucous behaviour...

  3. Damn! I just deleted my own comment before I finished commenting. I guess that's what slurping Champagne Charlie (that sounds wrong!) will do.

    I was just saying how great it is to keep bumping into you tonight, but not meaning anything physical by it...just figuratively speaking...not that I'm commenting on your figure...(your ass looks great with that glass, by the way!)

    And, yes, you do have to buy Photoshop and it's costly...unless you happen to know an IT geek...but we won't go into that here in case there are internet police in the vicinity.

    BUT! I came across this sweet editing program that you can download for free LEGALLY. Just Google "picnic" and you should find it. You can do all sorts of fun things with it--you can try it out before deciding to download. I'm resisting because I already spend too much time goofing with images in Photoshop...but this one does, indeed, look like a picnic!

    Cheers, Saj (that toast just automatically makes me sound drunk)

  4. It's fun playing cyber dodgem's! You bump into me any ol' time, just don't spill my drink. And thanks for your comment about my glass-ass, and the tip about picnic - I'll go visit which means you'll have to keep slurping on your own. ;-)

  5. While you're off picnicking, I'm staggering up the stairs to meet up with Mr. Bed E. Byes! Nighty-night!

  6. I'm just wondering if a Glass-Ass is similar to a Glass_Eye, or a GladEye...I'm off up that apple and pairs myself....WV = GUNK

  7. What about a Glad Hand? As in, "I don't care if you'd have a Glad Hand if I let you touch my Glass Ass! I don't want gunk all over it!"

    I think you should write a letter of complaint to the Word Verification Board. They're not supposed to supply real words!

    Now I can't remember what glad hand really means.

  8. God, they're beautiful manipulated like that! Nodding to each other like lovers with the glint of gold twinkling. Are they also called coneflowers?
    Re people mistakng art for reality: I remember a few years ago South Park did a spoof on Jesus. Many people and conservative newscasters were outraged. But I thought as you did: art is allowed to express irony, hypocrisy, masquerade; it's what keeps us human, on our toes.
    Lynne, thanks for stopping by my blog after I was away. Loove xxox

  9. Ah, Margaret, lovely to have you visit! I'm always so pleasantly surprised, not knowing you, at the tolerant viewpoint of life and humanity that you express in your comments.

    I do believe that echinaceas are also called coneflowers. I am very ignorant about plants and flowers, but I do appreciate them.

    I'm glad you enjoyed my bouquets. I had fun gathering and arranging them!

    Hugs xo

  10. Flowers - nature's smile.

  11. Oh my oh my oh my... it looks like there is plenty of raucous behavior happening around here well before whoever that "owen" guy is showed up ! Slurping Champagne Charlie, I'll say that sounds wrong ! And you two bumping into each other and discussing figures and glasses... this is all very disconcerting... say now, where's my glass ??? There was a dance called The Bump... maybe we could try doing that after a few more of these Charlies ??? Like the last image like an oil painting especially... or is it just a case of something akin to that line from a Grateful Dead song which says : "Couple shots of whisky, the girls around here start looking good"

  12. Robert--what a sweet thought! Thank you for making me smile. I hope you're enjoying the weekend! It's pouring rain here.

  13. Owen! Harumph! Are you implying that you need a couple shots of whiskey before the Saj and I start looking good?! If that's the way you're gonna be, I for one will be sticking with Charlie! Never mind The Bump...someone's obviously doing The Jerk!

    I'm just joshin' ya, Owen. You can come round my kitchen do The Hustle any time you like. Saj and I are always happy to see you.

    (BTW: Last picture is an acrylic painting, 18x20". Real deal-no digital effects).