Saturday, July 11, 2009

Heads Up!

Stag party honoree or dishonoured mate?

Q. What do Frida &t he Medusa have in common?
A. Untamed hair follicles.

Ladies and gentlemen, the Rolling Stones!!!
And speaking of the Stone Ages...

There are so many day-themed blogs out there, like Mumbling Monday, Titillating Tuesday, Woolens Wednesday, ThimbleThursday, Freakshow Friday that I thought I'd propose one of my own. Song Saturday. Yup, simple as that. If you want to play along, just post a tune on your blog every Saturday. No sign up fees, no weekly dues, no accounting for tastes. Here's my first random offering.


  1. I don't understand why people keep the unibrow....I love these crazy photos lately Lynne!

  2. Hey Mad-Lynne, those freaky heads are... well... pretty hairy... not sure the first one was dis-honoured, he was just feeling a little... horny... or is that what you meant by stag party honoree ??? I like how you switched from honor to honour, which suddenly reminded me of an old joke I heard decades ago and had forgotten, perhaps forever, if not for you, and although I shouldn't, I will... it goes like this :

    She offered her honor...
    He honored her offer...
    And all night long...
    He was on her and off her...


    Ok, it's bad... I'm sooorrrreeee...
    LOL !

    Love your ancient Stones video... jeez, from like 1863 ??? Love how he undoes the button of his collar part way in... and for just a second he does a little dance move with his feet there... which must be where Michael Jackson got some inspiration ?!? Looks like the other guys shoes are glued to the floor though... wow....

    Thanks for the laugh lynne ! Now I'm off to go do some photos...

  3. Hi Rain, I wish I had more photos of these crazy heads. It was some sort of art/craft window display that I had heard about and hoped to find and we just randomly happened upon it one night. As for Unibrow Syndrome, I guess it's a case of "Love me, love my unibrow."

  4. Owen! I am shocked at you--you, the one who accused Amanda and me of making racy remarks that caused you to clash with your own hair!!! I don't know what to make of the suggestion that it was I who prompted that best-forgotten memory to resurface. LOL!

    I'm glad you appreciated the old young Stones vid.
    They were supposed to be such bad boys at the time! Looking back, they look such sweet young innocents. I think Mick copped the shuffle from Little Richard. Later, he got some tips from Tina Turner. The other MJ, Michael Jackson, picked up stuff from all over (check out my blog of March
    28: Fred & Ginger Redux) and made it his own.

    I was at a Stones concert not too much later than the time this video was made. So, if it was made in 1863, I guess that would make me...But a lady never tells her age...or leaves raunchy jokes on other people's blogs! Ha ha ha! (that's the old-fashioned version of LOL that we ancients used to practice!)

  5. I will write 100 times on the board... "Must not leave raunchy jokes on other folks blogs..."

  6. What? And spoil all the fun??! ;)

  7. Hey, I know that joke!! This is a great idea, and as soon as I figure out what Blogger is doing to sabotage me I will play along.
    Those faces, are they made of felt too? My mother makes felt (she's very crafty in more ways than one)but she hasn't made any of it into heads yet. That reminds me of another joke...

  8. Saj (I have to spell it like that otherwise it might be pronounced "sag" and with your icon, we wouldn't want that sort of nametag!) are a tease! What joke aren't you sharing? But we can't go encouraging Owen to leave risqué jokes on OPB's so I guess you'd better not tell it...unless you must!

    Yes, these are all felt heads. Really amazing crafting. I've done felting perhaps just as crafty as yer mum, heh heh heh!

    Good luck with outwitting Blogger!

  9. Blogger appears to hate me. I think I am being punished for having a sense of humour. As for the joke, it is a BIT naughty...not sure Owen would cope

  10. Oh dear, nothing like a good dose of suspense !

  11. OK OK if it's suspenders you're after....
    There was this average looking bloke in a bar, he bumps into a gorgeous girl who tells him she is really a fairy and can make his wishes come true. The guy thinks about this and says, "I've always wanted to be taller"..and the fairy made him taller. "I've always wanted to be terrifically handsome"...and the fairy makes him magnificently handsome. The guys then says "I've always wanted to have a well-built body, rippling muscles, the works" and the fairy obliges. The guy is now tall, goodlooking and well built. He surveys himself in the mirror, smoothing his hair and preening.
    He eyes up the gorgeous girl and learingly says "I've always fancied a little head...."

  12. And "poof", there he stands all well built and a tiny head on his shoulders.
    (I know, it wa a more visual joke really....)

  13. I am snickering. Is there a bloggy acronym for that? STM (snickering to myself)

    Let's go get the Toad and watch him turn pink!

  14. I just want anybody who may happen to pass this way to know that I'm not here, did not read the above, and if anyone ever said I was or I did, I'd deny it, these words were no doubt left by an impersonator, as there is no way the real Mr Toad could possibly string together enough words to make a sentence, his head is far too little for that... snicker snicker, he chortled, as he galumphed off to bed... !!!