Thursday, June 4, 2009

Punch Buggy-No Returns!

(Read the story below then click on the bug to re-enact the christening song)
Hands up how many of you know that game where you're riding along in the car and the first person to spot a VW Beetle yells, "Punch Buggy, no returns!" and punches you in the arm? Thank dog we didn't play it in the late '60s when they were everywhere! I remember when one of my dearest friends, Jillie-Beanz, got her driver's license and a Beetle and we christened it "Ruby Tweedy" and drove round and round a field singing "Goodbye Ruby Tuesday" (you had to be there but, sadly, most of you weren't). A friend with a car was so liberating! I guess that hasn't changed over the decades.

(I spotted this baby on my walk home from work for lunch. Who knew Snider's Garage would be such a treasure trove of photo ops! Lucky for me I had my camera with me because the dream machine was gone when next I passed by.)


  1. Louc, something strange going on today in blogland : this is the second pale blue beetle seen ? Did you see the other one ??? Is that why you posted this one ??? If not, you can find the other one by going into the comments on either of the last two posts over at my place and click on "Desi" to take a little trip all the way to South Africa...

    Anyway, great picture, although at first I was sure it was a miniature toy car, and now I'm still not sure, there's nothing to reference to size-wise. I loved the old VW buses I had for a while way back when... never had a beetle though. Good sound on that video too ! Have a great weekend !

    PS It's been days now since I last mentioned a raccoon... the treatment program is working I guess !

  2. What about vulture vans?

  3. haha, if wee have to play 'Punch buggy, no returns' I'll be punched every morning when walking out the door, heeeheeee!!

    Beetles are the CUTEST cars alive..and hey! they are STILL alive after all these years..good cars them

    :D esi

  4. Dream machine indeed - it appears to be floating silently towards a peaceful afternoon. Magical image.

  5. M.Owen, I assure you that I am capable of having original blog ideas of my own and did not see Desi's image prior to posting mine! What a lovely, funny coincidence. Thanks for pointing it out. That is so cool that you had a VW van (or multiples?) We only had a GM...with vice-grips for door handles: Special, nonetheless!

    Art Sparkler: A vulture van?! Tell me more! I am unfamiliar with the concept. Thanks for dropping by. Nice to make a new bloggy friend.

    :Desi--What are the chances of two bloggers posting the same car on the same day at opposite sides of the earth (without prearrangement)? Very cool happenstance! I am very pleased to make your acquaintance and will visit your place often.

    Driftwood: I'm glad you like the magical floating quality of the image. I think it looks like it's hovering. She came from outer space!