Wednesday, June 3, 2009

A Jug of Vine

After living vicariously with the lovely lilacs of my European blogger friends for the past month I am delighted to finally be sniffing my own. Now it's my turn to share with you. Thanks to Pierre for gathering bouquets to put throughout the house, plus this one for my blog.

Don't you wish it was scratch'n'sniff?!


  1. Beautiful shot, Louciao... I love that vase too.
    It is fortunate for me that I live by Highland Park in Rochester, New York, home of the annual Lilac Festival. I experience the benefit of this absolutely dreamy smell wafting through my house and neighborhood this time of year.
    Yours are magnificent specimens, I must say. So healthy and vibrant, and the arrangement is stunning and skillful...

  2. David, I will pass on your praise of the flower "arranging" to Pierre--he's the one who plunked them so artfully into the pitcher, which is a piece by local potter, Wendy Johnston. Her stuff is all wonderfully colourful and original. We're lucky to have her in the area. Check out her website so see what I mean: