Friday, June 12, 2009

Par Excellence

(photographed by Pierre)
I have just spent nearly two hours cruising through my Seattle Photographer Friend's website, Under the Light. If you want to experience pictures to drool over, grab a glass of wine, cup of tea, bottle of Scotch--whatever is your prime choice of liquid relaxation-- and settle in to view some absolutely brilliant images and interesting stories. Dig deep and you will find absolute gems...though all that surface gold dust is nothing to sneeze at, either! See particularly, "In The Shadow of the Viaduct" series, and "A Year In the Garden" (my favourites, anyway).


  1. Thanks for the introduction, Louciao...
    I'm on my way over now,

  2. I went over and took a first look, can see it is a place that does indeed merit a more careful visit, will have to get back there, thanks for the link, it is always a pleasure to discover new and vibrant art... Just wish I had a hell of alot more time to spend doing exactly that...

  3. Hey David, I hope you didn't get lost en route. It's a pretty complex set up that Gary has over there. Hence my advice to bring some refreshment along.

    Hey Owen, I hope you will some day have the time to discover the gorgeous photography at Under The Light. As for finding more time to pursue truth, beauty, arts and could always quit your day job like I just did!

  4. Anonymous14 June, 2009

    Re "Silver" what an "eye sore".

  5. Anony: Ha ha! But I hope you weren't referring to Keef!!